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My Hobby

Jan 19, 2010 | Family Life | 15 comments

Since Santa brought Jase a surfboard, he has really gotten into it!!

And so now he will go atleast once a week more if he can squeeze it in. One of his loves has been:
Mountain Biking. He loves it. He’s not this crazy. But can also take Rusty with him. A great escape to the mountains.

In the past he has had many loves:
FISHING: fly, rod, spear, net, etc.

Swimming: waterpolo mostly


Just of late he says to me; “Rach, what’s your hobby? What can get you out & give you that release?!!”


I never got REALLY into sports, I can play…but we’ll say not FABULOUSLY. So here are a few things that I was thinking MIGHT be considered a hobby….

Walking/jogging. Great exercise, but its boring all by myself (& with Jase doing seminary its hard to find a good time to go with friends). Although RUSTY makes a great friend.

Hiking…hmmmm not really.

Dance classes, I love it. I love to help out. But with babies coming & going….my body CANNOT do this.
Sewing? I Love to sew now. THANKS Mom for teaching me…I don’t know if that counts as a “get out or a good release.” Although I love it.

I really enjoy AEROBICS…kickboxing, pilates, etc. Taking classes. But would you call that a HOBBY?

I have narrowed it down to: I like to see people, chat or interact. But hmmm…not REALLY a HOBBY? but a good release.



  1. The Bennetts

    dearest rach – i wouldn't go comparing your husbands needs with yours. he (as a rather intense personality) needs rather intense hobbies. you, on the other hand are so wonderful and may not need the intense release he (and always has) needs. You are an amazing friend (that takes character) and is a great hobby i think. I love to sew and for me (when i had time) was a great hobby and release (just a different kind of release than what jase talks about – more of a sense of satisfaction). Don't compare yourself with jase – we wouldn't ever want to loose you and all your wonderfulness!!!!!

  2. jase

    I finished off an intense day and felt totally fulfilled! Intense at work, intense hobby and fell to bed and asked rach what would give her those feelings? She had no idea so i encouraged her to search it out so that I could start making time for her to have those release times.
    Momma you are right mine take extreme exertions of energy to get me that released feeling….not dangerous just energy being burned off. Love you!! (my hand taught me that lesson)

  3. Nikki

    Beading socks is a fun hobby for me. But just like mentioned, you don't necessarily need an energetic hobby. Different personalities call for different hobbies and needs.

    And as life changes, hobbies change too.

    I've turned my hobby into a contest to help me get a blog nickname for Baby A. lol see here. I know. I'm shameless for linking in the comments. πŸ˜›

  4. becky

    If I lived in Hawaii, my hobby would be walking on the beach.

  5. Rach

    great hobby BECKY…maybe I should do that.

  6. Leslie

    I don't have as intense of hobbies as Jase. And I used to have a bunch of them – scrapbooking, sewing, reading, knitting, stamping, etc. etc. But the more time that goes by I realize that some of those fall by the wayside (I no longer stamp, rarely knit, scrapbook minimally, sew occasionally) because we are in the stage of life that there just isn't much time for it. And you having more kids than me and one on the way are probably so busy! You probably could use a hobby, but if you don't have one, don't worry. I like your friend's idea of walking on the beach. Or since you are pregnant, maybe napping can be a hobby. Or reading blogs – like mine πŸ™‚ or writing blogs. Anyway, love you!

  7. Leslie

    I meant to say that I used to have a bunch of regular hobbies (not intense active ones).

  8. Stephanie

    this is a good question. i have often wondered the same for me. thomas has the band usually once a week (not so much anymore, but generally speaking) and i'm thinking my teaching has been that for me?? but that's a job so i just dont know. when you figure it out let me know and maybe i'll copy you.

    sometimes i do think sewing is it for me. i can really get into it (aka- spend a lot of money. oops.)

    so, i guess i need to find a release that doesnt require a lot of money too?

  9. liko

    i also agree that hobbies can change and that you can have several – depending on your mood. i like to sew, craft. that's fun. i also like to read, hike and play at the beach…my hubby NEEDS to do physical things. it may be ADD or ADHD, but he has to surf or do a hardcore hike, he has the similar need for release of energy like your hubby. to each his/her own. i like all the things you wrote and would consider those hobbies. totally!!

  10. Unknown

    I need a new hobby too- I'm dying to start dancing again, but I have some other areas to work on first. I'm not crafty, but I do want to improve in photography- you're a marathon scrapbooker when you get the chance. I need a hobby that makes money and not just spends it- those are hard to find!

  11. Kahilau

    Mike and I have had this conversation many times. I think if they rejuvenate you and make you happy then that should count. I think it's extra hard for you cause you are good at so many things. Finding something you can do just for you is hard with babies, your mind never really rests, always worrying about one thing or another. So there,ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Good luck and let me know what you find.

  12. Natalie.

    um, aren't you a scrapbooker or something like that? I thought you like owned a store once. ?? πŸ™‚

    Your hobby Rachel is socializing and party planning. Nothing makes you happier. Am I right, or am I right?

  13. brenley

    i agree with natalie! socializer and party planner – those are definite hobbies of yours. they may not be the type of hobby that you can do daily, like jase's, but if you enjoy them and they give you the release you need, then i think that justifies them being hobbies.

    i think you are all about creating….

    lessons for homeschooling
    special moments for friends (all those fun parties i see on your blog)
    dances (that is the FIRST thing i remember about you when i met taught jess and me how to dance :))
    sewing and so forth

    the list goes on. you are just good at creating things and though those things may change over time, depending on life and situations, i think that seems to be a release for you.

    anyway, long post. good question though. i used to be into extreme things but time doesn't allow that right now but i do hope to get back into some of my hobbies of days past πŸ™‚ while also creating new ones that make me happy πŸ˜€

  14. sanaejames photography

    i agree with natalie…and b.t.w. a little birdie told me something about you…:) I disbelieve! well, I believe, but dang girl, you are AMAZING. YOu'll have to e-mail me to find out what I heard….:)

  15. stef j.

    i think you're an awesome friend, party planner, crafter, mother, teacher, etc. etc.

    and really, i think everyone has unique ways of "releasing"…

    but when my ankle's better i'll be your walking buddy… anytime (after 8a, before 4p, except noon) anyplace!


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