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Excuse Me

Feb 3, 2010 | Family Life | 8 comments

Excuse me;
I did not mop my floor today, I may have swept if you are lucky.
I have not folded the laundry yet..that is piled high on my couch.
I haven’t picked up the toys that line our halls & bathroom.
I did not wash our windows this month, but the kids washed mirrors last week.
I have not de-cluttered the front entry table from the PILES of bills, cards, magazines, or art projects, oh how I love to show off my treasures.
I haven’t put the stacks & stacks of movies or books away that the “terror” pulled out today, he sure had a lot of fun!
I did not scrub the bathroom today, I did however change the toilet paper. So you don’t have to sing the “stranded” song (ask Nikki).
And I haven’t blogged in over a week…but I have visited many of YOURS.


I need a huge plaque with this on it, right at the front door. So when you enter the chaos, you will just smile & nod like you understand why my house does not look like Martha Stewart’s!

(Thank you Shanda for sending this to us)


  1. Leslie

    So funny! What a great sign – I love it!

  2. Kahilau

    Ha Ha! I love it! It is so true, I am going to make one of those a put in up on our wall.

  3. Stephanie

    yes! get it and put it up! it even is in your signature "orange"- you didn't know you have a signature orange? you do.

    i like it! chaos is good if it is happy and yours is. and leslie is your sister up there and she commented on my blog because i put a picture up of shae and i felt so so cool!!!

  4. ashley

    that is perfect.

  5. Nikki

    I need this sign for my house too! I am seriously going to figure out how to make one. hehehe Stranded, stranded on the bowl….without a ROLL…of toilet paaaaaper.

  6. us*limes

    i LOVE that song! but now i can't recall where i saw it. cause i heard y'all singing it once and happened upon it not too long after. but now i don't know where i sawr it.
    so, i haven't yet gotten around to making my sign. and when did i do this? a year ago? but maybe i should just make a few on a neat thing (something really neat) and i'll send you one… some day. maybe soon. unless nikki beats me to it.
    and i don't feel like i should call my house "messy". it's just "organized chaos". am i right? if i was to clean up i wouldn't be able to find anything.
    and if we cleaned it up it would take T-10 seconds to get it back to where it was. ok, maybe a little longer. but yesterday i swept, vacuumed AND mopped my kitchen floor to have aylen spill a cup full of milk and ember crack an egg on the floor not 5 minutes after i had finished. joy.

  7. us*limes

    wow, that was a "too long" comment. i should have just sent an email.

  8. liko

    i think i need one, too.


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