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Shae goes to HAPPY SCHOOL

Feb 4, 2010 | Homeschool | 7 comments

I remember my sister telling me, teach your first and they will teach the rest. It came true when Shae learned his colors from his sisters & some of his letters. But when all the other 3 year olds-parents were talking about doing a preschool, I guess it spaced my mind that KLAI & RYKEL can’t teach him everything. So a few of us mom’s got together &
Happy School is here.

(L-R Ambrose, Eden, Ivy, Adelaide, & SHAE man)

This past Tuesday was Shae’s first day of Happy School. He was pumped until I dropped him off & he didn’t know Ivy so well…so he was nervous. He was so happy afterwards & would talk about it all day, told me about his letter he learned & even sand the ABC song ALL DAY LONG!!
really all day long.

My handsome man is growing up.


  1. Stephanie

    hooray for happy school! what cute cute kiddos. πŸ™‚

  2. Leslie

    That Shae is so darling! I love the homeschool preschool idea. It worked so good with Anna. I wish there was a group doing it this year in our town so Emily could take part.

  3. echo

    i LOVE happy school!!

  4. Bluebird & Company

    whoa! Ambrose is a giant! πŸ™‚
    Happy school looks like such a fun idea!

  5. ashley

    he is a handsome little man! so happy we are in happy school!

  6. liko

    love that shae!! and hooray for happy school!! my two will be in school come fall — i will need to borrow some of your kids so i won't be too sad…

  7. The Bennetts

    i just want to smooch on those cheeks!


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