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Valentines for the Homeschooler

Feb 11, 2010 | Celebrate | 3 comments

You know as I consider myself a homeschooler…something I NEVER thought I would be. I love it. But there are things that I personally miss for my children that happen in School. THE GRAND VALENTINE EXCHANGE…I loved that as a kid. Waiting to see who gave you what & if that “I think you are sweet” message on a card really meant that, that boy liked you. Well I couldn’t let Klai go without a Valentine Exchange.

So of course I planned a whole party around exchanging Valentines. There is a group in our area called the HENS (Home Educators on the North Shore)…catchy huh (not my idea). This group is not specific to ONLY those that Homeschool, but those that do, or are those interested in something like it. ANYWAYS….so we invited & many came….who can pass up a good party with chocolate treats, red decorations & heart shaped party favors.

28 kids (not including those under 1 1/2)

Decorate Valentine Boxes

Go on a LOVE Rock hunt (rocks shaped like hearts)

Heart Bean Bag Toss

Many Happy HENS kids!!!
(especially Klai)


  1. Stephanie

    yes it was so so much chaotic fun which i love! thanks so much for putting up with us all and hosting us all the time. your home is a happy one that i feel really blessed to be a part of so thanks!

  2. Kahilau

    Man oh man how I miss your PART-AYS! Always a blast! Lucky folk I tell ya.

  3. Unknown

    pictures are up on my dropshots- go ahead and copy if you want any.


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