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Happy 8 years!

Feb 16, 2010 | Celebrate | 5 comments

8 Years ago today(this past Tuesday) I got married to him:

Its been a crazy long adventure.
Year 1
Lived above the Bennett Garage & took a few trips with the Bennett
Got pregnant fall 2002
2003 Anniversary: went to France & visited many old mission families…LOVED IT!

Year 2

Bought a home in Sandy Utah & fixed it up, while being pregnant with Klai

Klailea born

Moved to Hawaii

2004 Anniversary: Jase sent flowers while he was fixing up Utah house to sell & I worked the small Ohana Video Store

Year 3
Sold house in Utah, while living in a 1 bedroom apartment

Jase lived in hole in wall 2 bedroom, while Rach went to visit fam in Utah

Found out pregnant while apart

Moved to “rat house”

Moved Ohana Video to bigger location

2005 Anniversary: Snorkled at Hanauma Bay &

Went to PCC & got into Luau FREE thanks to Uncle Benny
Moved to “Beach House”
Rykel Born
Started Scrapbook Classes
Jase decides to Get HAWAII Realestate license
2006 Anniversary: Golfing
Jase made me a scrapbook gift!!

Ohana Video moves to another bigger location & rocks out!
Jase remodels our kitchen.
With 2 kids & 1 on the way we had many adventures: slip ‘n’ slides, sea life park, birthday parties & Playgroup adventures.
Shae our first boy arrives
2007 Anniversary: We decided to go to the Big Island with the Fam & visit Aunty & Uncle & Tutu Calabio. We got to visit the Temple while there & remember our wedding.
Family takes trip up to Canada with Bennetts – so AWESOME!
We bless Shae in Utah.
Few months later I go to Utah for Dental Visit & I get to visit Leslie in Washington with just Shae. Jase took care of the girls while I was away…way to go DAD!
We move into the larger part of our house, fix it up & YEAH for 3 bedrooms. Now Shae doesn’t have to sleep on the foosball table.
2008 Anniversary: This is Jase’s big scavenger hunt ending with a lawn dinner. NO big plans for anniversary…so Jase made up for it by taking me to the Marriot for Mother’s Day.

Realestate Picksup, Jase gets super busy & helps many families into homes.
I fly pregnant with ALL 3 kids to Utah….stay with fam for a week till Jase can come.
Dinosaur museum with Mac & went to Seven Peaks Water Park for my birthday.
WYatt man is born in the HOTTEST month ever.
2009 Anniversary: Well for Jase’s birthday we did a big last year of your 20’s date & was just TOO exhausted to go out for anniversary…sad..I guess we are getting too old.

Realestate takes Off like crazy
OHana Video suffers from lack of us being there: store closes Oct.09
Took 2nd FAMILY trip to Disneyland in the FREEZING weather, but LOVED IT!
2010 Anniversary:
Went to Big Island, again, but WITHOUT KIDS!! SO FUN & AWESOME.
It was a birthday/anniversary combination.

Jase Surprised me on the anniversary day with 8 Flowers for 8 years. Even though our routine this day was like anyother ordinary day, it felt special knowing that I married my Perfect man 8 years ago & I love him more & more than ever.

I love you honey.


  1. Leslie

    Happy belated anniversary! I loved reading your timeline – can't believe it's been 8 years already! How fun that you got to go to the Big Island for just you two. And your prego tummy looks so cute! I never look half that good when I'm pregnant. Anyway, congrats on 8 years!

  2. Shay

    Happy Anniversary!! You survived the seven-year-itch so I guess it's cake from here. Cute baby bump

  3. The Bennetts

    Doesn't it feel good to count blessings? Thanks for letting us share in it with you – love you

    Oh and by the way, you two are amazing!

  4. Stephanie

    this was so cool rach! and that card at the end was so thoughtful and cute (did jase make it? way to go man)!

    you guys are such inspiring love birds <3


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