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Tsunami Kicks our Butts into GEAR!!

Mar 3, 2010 | Family Life | 3 comments

While we were at the camp & preparing to return to the worst these thoughts went through my head:

Did I get my scrapbooks up?

Do I have enough water for 5 days? (yes they said at one point that we would be without power for 5 days)

Do I have enough charcoal / propane gas to cook with for 5 days?

DANG IT…I should have bought that Generator!!!

Do I have extra Gas for my generator / car?

Is my food storage enough to feed us?

Do I know how to cook from my food storage? Yes I go to the meetings/activities but I don’t think I paid ENOUGH attention.

Do I have extra food for the dog? …yeah not this time.

Did I backup my precious/important files; pictures, important documents, etc.

Will by precious paintings get wet?

Well these crazy incidences make us REALLY think about the important things in life. And have really given us the PUSH to get these questions answered & get US PREPARED!!

links that I have found helpful:


  1. Leslie

    Even though the Tsunami wasn't happening to us (or the recent earthquakes, thank goodness), I really thought about those same things. is a site I discovered last month and has become one of my favorite sites now. I love the idea of using those long term food storage items into regular cooking so that we are always rotating them and know how to use them. Today I made (well, it's assembled and ready to bake tonight) funeral potatotes with dehydrated potatos and man, they are so yummy already!

    Anyway, glad you all are okay. I'll be thinking of you when I go to the cannery next week and stock up on food storage. 🙂 If you weren't so far away I'd get some for you, too.

  2. Stephanie

    RACHEL!!!!! I was just heading online this evening to look up food storage helps and thought, Ill check my blogs first- and BAM! here the links are!

    I was blessed for my food storage desires- haha!


  3. Unknown

    I also like it gives you baby steps to build on.


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