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Happy School Kids

Mar 9, 2010 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

As Happy School is happily going along Shae looks forward to going & wishes he could go everyday. Well I don’t know how these creative, incredible moms find the time to take pictures…I just always to forget to stop & do it. BUT Matti took this fabulous picture while she was teaching last week. And I think Shae’s face is just hilarious.
I love how 3 year olds REALLY show their personality. I’m sure Shae is enjoying his place next to all the cute little girls.


  1. Leslie

    He looks like Mr. Cool in that pic – so funny! And he's about 3 shades tanner than all those other kiddos, cute!

  2. jase

    he has to hang out with white kids to be able to feel dark like all his other siblings!! hahaha

  3. Stephanie

    and apparently ambrose thinks they are all gonna eat him so he's ready to scale the fence and run away!

    cute kids.

  4. ashley

    shae in the mix with the girls, ambrose trying to escape them! ha ha!


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