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Mar 9, 2010 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Yes today I was peed on.

Sometimes to avoid the yucky stinkiness of diapers, I will strip the kid from his diaper, wipe the bum as best I can with the diaper & hose him off in the shower. So TODAY was an especially very RIPE, very stinky & very sticky diaper…I couldn’t handle the smell. So I did just that, stripped him down & as I was wiping his bum with tp I felt the warmth of a stream of pee. The joys of boys.


  1. Nikki

    I use that shower method too. hehe

  2. kenzie

    hahahaha that is funny. I never did use the shower method! Taegan use to pee on us all the time at first until we keep burp clothes handy and would cover him while wiping lol. But be careful, Zander never pee'd on us, but he would poop on us quite frequently when you lifted his legs to wipe lol :D. OH the fun and games of diaper changes 😀 Good luck. Love the stories 😀


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