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Cravings & Bad Habits

Mar 10, 2010 | Family Life | 7 comments

A month or so ago I really REALLY wanted Nutella…so my fabulous husband went to Costco & brought me home the 2 costco sized bottles of Nutella.
Which turned out to be NOT a good that we (I) have eaten 1 bottle & 1/2. BAD BAD very very bad….a very bad habit. I love the nutella & must eat it often & the 2nd bottle will be gone & goodness sake I will have to someday SOON remove all this extra weight..gained by baby/nutella.

And of course now that I am tapery my nutella craving down to only ever-so-often instead of daily. NOW I MUST HAVE:

Glazed plain doughnuts. AAAAHHHH the love.
In Pleasant Grove, where I grew up, there was a yummy little doughnut shop by the Purple Turtle & they have the BEST doughnut holes. Where each little hole is slathered in Glazed sugary goodness!! And I WANT SOME!!


  1. Leslie

    I've never been a big fan of doughnuts for some reason. However – nutella = yum! With my girls I craved lemony things like Starburst and lemon meringue pie.

  2. Stephanie

    oh, did you know that foodland sells glazed donuts for cheap cheap cheap in the evenings! they do. in case you didnt already know. sorry. 🙂

  3. Nikki

    Here's how you dump your Nutella craving. Buy three Costco size jars and eat them in one day while outside in the sweltering heat.

    I haven't bought glazed donuts in ages. But they are probably my favorite. When I was pregnant with Bun I craved powdered donuts. The little ones. I'd call Danny at work and say, "The Bun wants donuts." He was a loyal enabler. hehe

  4. Rach

    Today I went to Costco & they had Crispy Creme doughnuts sent from Maui & you could buy a dozen…I didn't buy them….although the baby REALLY REALLY wanted them.

  5. Unknown

    HA HA HA!!! How hilarious!! I wanted hot fudge sundays and strawberry milkshakes. It's so hard not to think about food when you're prego eh?!

  6. becky

    One of our favorite treats is crepes with nutella, strawberries, and powdered sugar. Yum.

    So happy about another baby for you!

  7. lori

    This is the reason I don't buy it anymore because brett and I went through it entirely too fast. Have you seen the nutella commercials? I love how they try to make it appear so healthy. Have you ever read the nutrition facts? It is anything but


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