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Bishop’s Museum – Circus Exhibit

Mar 16, 2010 | Family Life | 5 comments

What a field trip. Starting homeschool this year I had great plans to do field trips / adventures & many activities besides basic school. Well the first half of the year it took me a bit to get the whole schooling thing down. Now that I’ve got it figured out we have added field trips into the mix & hopefully other fun stuff will follow.
So our First Field trip of 2010:
Bishop’s Museum – Circus Exhibit

We carpooled with our neighbors, so as we waited for others to arrive we enjoyed picture taking outside…by the DUM DUM! Some of us are camera shy.

Here is the majority of our group that came in the morning time. There were many of us that came in the afternoon. Because we were considered a “school” group we got a great price.

We had to first go to the Circus Exhibit (traveling exhibit)

The Circus exhibit was all about the science of things that happen at the circus.
This was a great start: Determine the “Species from its fecies!”
As we traveled through many activities; we learned to balance on a balance beam, listen to the music played there, and tried to fit into a box.

The kids loved being on stage!

Of course we showed off our muscles.
And one of our favorite places to stay was the dressup, they had many adult dressup costumes as well as kids. Wyatt was not so stoked to wear the hat.

Rykel loved this part.

We all found an outfit that fit us & took a great circus show picture. I had to tame many lions & bears.

There was a fun part where you learned about the animals often showed at the circus & listen to them. WYATT really DID NOT like this part.
They had a tight rope walk that you could do, strapped to a harness, prego’s are not allowed…sad. But they did have a flipping stunt where you can try the tricks, again not for prego’s & unfortunately Klai doesn’t weigh enough. But we enjoyed watching our friends do it.

After the circus exhibit we visited the other parts of Bishop’s Museum that we enjoy. The volcano is always a big hit. You can crawl underneath, you can pump it up & make the volcano bubble & burst & learn all about volcanos.

We had to visit the Whale in the Hawaiian Hall. This was always a favorite when I was younger. And seeing the Hale’s and the outfits that the kings & queens wore.

We tried to make it to the planetarium, but we missed the show…maybe next time. I love the Bishop’s Museum. I remember visiting my DAD when he worked there when I was in 3rd/4th grade. I think the exhibit they had there was the sharks, that was cool. I can’t wait for the next exhibit they have to come.
(sorry for the blurry pictures – still learning to use the camera)


  1. Leslie

    so fun! I'm a little bummed we didn't go there when we were visiting last fall. Good memories.

  2. Stephanie

    boo hoo- so sad we missed this. dang you snotty noses!!! we will have to go with grandma and grandpa for sure!!

  3. Unknown

    Can't wait for the next exhibit!

  4. kenzie

    way cute pictures. Even the one of Wyatt crying is adorable, sad, but adorable. Can't wait to see you all soon.

  5. The Bennetts

    way too fun – we want to play too!

    such cutie pies!


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