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Eye Surgery AGAIN!

Mar 20, 2010 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

Another year has passed & Jase’s other eye’s Pterygium has grown too fast, so surgery it is…again.
Look very close to the eyeball you will see a white/cream colored bump that has some bloodshot lines around it. That is it.
So they took it out.
And here he is the day after surgery when the eye patch came off:

So they remove the Pterygium & they patch the whole with some whiteness from the far left side of the eyeball – whiteness. So the eye will be red for quite some time.

And of course as Jase comes home from getting his eye patch removed…he is still doing business & working harder than ever.

HERE is an update on the eye…it looks worse than it is: the headaches are starting to go away. Although he can’t swim, he’s is mostly Fully funtional!!


  1. Leslie

    yikes! that doesn't sound fun. I hope it heals quickly. Hang in there!

  2. kenzie

    Jase you are such a go getter. OF course you never stop! Who could ever think that a little thing like eye surgery would slow YOU down :D. I love you tonz and love the way you are. keep it going brother. I LOVE YOU. Hope those stay away for good. Go buy some sunglasses and those straps to keep them on you at all times hahaha

  3. Leslie

    okay, time for a new post. I can't take Jase's eye looking at me whenever I check your blog. It's like a creepy wink. hee hee!

  4. Leslie

    the eye – the all seeing eye is watching me again!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaah!


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