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Stocking Up

Mar 23, 2010 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

Well living the life of an entrepreneur, sometimes the cupboards get close to being bare. So I have been waiting for that beloved paycheck where I can stock up again.
AND so it came & I got to go shopping….a dear friend of mine let me get a “few” things at HER grocery store.
So I got a FEW basic items: mostly things that I use in my everyday recipes…and a few treat items: Angel Food cake ($1 with coupon), off brand cereals ($1.50), and Fruit snacks/granola bars to stock up our 72 hour kits.

Hopefully now that I have stocked up for atleast 2 months, I can use the coupon systems to stock up my food storage.
I like to follow: Aloha Deals
And I am trying to follow my sister’s example:
Leslie’s, Nikki’s, & Erin’s

so yeah Now I can stock up & follow the teachings of the prophet & get a food storage.

ANY good tips? Good sites?


  1. Shay

    all this canned food reminds me of playing "store" with your cash register in your parent's storage room…

  2. Leslie

    Wow – that's great! I think you are definitely doing good considering the differences that come with living in Hawaii (cost, humidity, etc.). Just plug along every week adding a few here and there. It took me 13 years of marriage to finally get up to a full year so hang in there.

  3. Kristen

    Yay! Who's store did you shop at? 🙂

  4. Nikki

    Wahoo! I love getting stocked up. If you lived near me, I'd take you to MY store. 😉


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