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Rykel is the big 5

Apr 7, 2010 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 6 comments

I can’t believe it this little girl is 5 today!!

I remember when……

We blessed her when Grandma & Tutu & Grandpa came out…she was a little squishy.

She grew into a CHUNKY eater…and we loved those FAT rolls.

She was the happiest baby we ever had!

Rykel at 2, look at those curls come in.

Rykel at 3, do you remember the year of the haircut..oh my!

Rykel at 4, now I must say that was one of my BEST parties…everytime the Kung Fu Fighting song comes on she announces that this is HER song!! And sweet pea it is!

My baby is five. Isn’t it crazy. She is more than just 5 things, but these are 5 things that we LOVE about her:

#1 – She is a lover; she will cuddle you, she loves to give you kisses & she gives the longest hugs.

#2 – Rykel catches on FAST to physical activities. It took her just a short time to ride a bike & she loves to do tricks on it. She loves to do flips on the trampoline (really bouncy somersaults), and she is a hard pitcher.

#3 – She loves to READ. Although she is just learning 3 letter words, she will sit down with a book & look at the pages for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour. Then she will tell you all the funny parts of the book, she really understands whats going on.

#4 – Rykel is GREAT at the that sounds wierd, but those educational sites for kids…she can manuever her way around everything and LOVES it…she could stay on there for hours…IF I let her. She catches on to the electronic gadgets quite fast.

#5 – Rykel is sensitive, not just in a cuddle way. She can see that we are having a bad day & will randomly come give us hugs. Or if there is tension in the house…she feels it & it affects her (good & bad). She is like a little spirit radar…I know that if the spirit in the house is good..RYkel is a happy go lucky girl. If I’m grumpy & I have affected the spirit in the house, RYkel is not happy & will be GRUMPY too. She is my own little radar. I LOVE HER.

Happy Birthday RYKEL!


  1. Leslie

    She really is such a sweet and smart girl. I was so glad that my kids had the chance last fall to really get to know your kids. I wish we could have been there to celebrate the big 5! Can't wait to see you all the end of July or August.

  2. Kahilau

    I remember those rolls and what a truly happy baby she was. How fast she has grown! I love what you said about how sensitive she is to the spirit. What a blessing that is in any life! Happy Birthday Rykel!

  3. liko

    happy birthday to her!!

  4. brenley

    we love you, rykel!! happy birthday!

  5. echo

    happy happy happy day to you rykel!!!

  6. Natalie.

    Dear Rykel,

    We love you! You are soooooo wonderful!

    Are we allowed to buy you a birthday present (even though you don't do the b-day party thing)??


    Auntie Nat and the gang


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