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Special Treats

May 12, 2010 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

One day when I had Klai & Wyatt on some errand, Jase had Shae & RYkel. Well he was having a blast with them outsite & here comes the ice cream man. WELL…I must say, I would never think that our FRUGAL Jase would EVER buy something from the ice cream truck. He said that he had like $2 in his pocket & he might be able to find something for them. WEll it was more than he expected & told the man…”Oh never mind,” But the ice cream man saw the excited faces of the kids & decided to give Jase 2 cones for his $2…AMAZING!!

They loved it.


  1. The Bennetts

    So my question is… who or what is the special treat?

    Your kidlets are my vote – they are so adorable.

    Rykel & Shae would think the ice cream is the treat I am sure!

    Jase would qualify too i think – and lastly the ice cream man is definitely cool!

  2. brenley

    i bet that ice cream tasted better than because jase got a deal! he is the deal man! i don't think i could turn down those cute faces either!


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