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Isn’t she lovely

Jun 8, 2010 | Family Life | 5 comments

So I have this amazingly talented friend, who just sent me these fabulous pictures of Evelin.
(Yes that dark little hand is NOT mine, its Klai’s.)

LOOK at those long little fingers…ok long for our family.

This pic of Klai looks like my sister Nikki, or maybe me, or maybe both because I look like my sister. Who knows. (I think its the mouth, how she is holding it)

I love Nat’s pictures because she’s great at taking REAL pictures of Life as it is. AND THIS IS PERFECT!! Rykel is my biggest sweetheart, and she loves…I mean LOVES to hold the baby. She is always smiling when she holds her.

And this pic of Shae is perfect, he is so patient, even when the baby is crying…he just
loves her & will hold her till I come.

I love my Wy man, Nat wanted to involve him some how, he does love to hold the baby. But at the time of picture taking I think he was super stinky…and this fabulous friend went ahead & changed his diaper. And so Wyatt gets to hold the cute burp cloths I made.

Don’t forget to check out more from NAT


  1. Leslie

    What wonderful photos! I love them all. I think it's hilarious that Shae is holding his crying little sister and not batting an eye. I have a similar pic of Christian holding Anna like that. Too bad all the girls antics annoy him now cause he was great when they were babies.

  2. Shay

    love the candid photos! oh i am SO BABY HUNGRY!!! I ran into Erin at olive garden on Friday…now if I could just run into you?!

  3. The Bennetts

    i can't decide which photo i like best – they are each perfect for each of your darling and fun kids! Give Nat a big hug from me – Thank you!

  4. liko

    all of those are sooo sooo perfect and beautiful.
    someday i will have her take some photos of my family.
    you and jase make some beautiful kids!!!

  5. Stephanie

    gorgeous gorgeous! she really has a gift for capturing life as is, but even more beautiful too!


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