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Jun 22, 2010 | Family Life | 7 comments

Did I ever tell you we got CHICKENS?!!
Yeah I ordered them in March & the lady said end of April you should get them….well the lady didn’t call till the day before Evelin was born. So IN the hospital I had to tell her I couldn’t pick up the chickens till after we get home from the hospital.
So we brought home Evee & then we brought home Chickens.

Luckily, my fabulous neighbor’s Hen was “sitting” (meaning: she sits thinking she will hatch eggs soon). So we popped the chicks in her cage before the sun came up & BOOM she thought her “supposed eggs” hatched. Now she is raising the chickens as her own.

She teaches the chicks to peck & find food in the dirt, she teaches them to live in the Hen House & she teaches them to follow when they are given grain. So that takes out all the beginning work of having chicks. YEAH!!

But don’t worry when the Chicks are “of age” then she will tell them to leave & they can peacefully move into our little Hen house. And voi’la I have egg laying hens!


  1. echo

    awesome! i am excited for you. and how cool is that that you don't even have to 'raise' them.

  2. The Price Family

    Ha Elizabeth still talks about how the chickens at your house (the neighbors) got her when she kicked them on the swing. Miss you

  3. Stephanie

    i still think this is the coolest thing ever!

  4. Laura

    I love the baby chicks, so cute!

  5. liko

    this is awesome!!

    when i get a yard someday, i've always wanted to have my own egg-laying chickens!

  6. Nikki


  7. brenley


    i need a hen house! but first i need a neighbor that has a hen to raise them. genius again!


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