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Sep 4, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As part of the Calabio Fam Reunion we went to the Museum of Natural History at BYU. On the way home we saw they had a Paleontology we stopped by to see it.
It was much smaller than the DINO museum at Thanksgiving Point, but it was still fun.

side note: Its funny how when you have SOO many kids, its hard to go places. While visiting Utah we had to borrow cars, mostly because we didn’t want to shell out $2000 to rent a car for two-three weeks. HORRIBLE, I know. So we bummed rides here & there, Mom & Dad let us use their 5 seater car, but the other 2 children had to bum rides with a sybling. THEY really enjoyed that part, riding with their cousings. NOTE TO SELF: rent a car/borrow a van. BUT THANKS to everyone that was awesome & helpful in taking us places!


Giant Sloth


Our awesome Dino Boys

A fun 1/2 hour adventure had by Jase & the boys.


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