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If I could Turn Back Time

Sep 21, 2010 | Family Life | 5 comments

FIRST OFF: Thanks everyone for the uplifting words from my last post. I don’t post like that to look for pick-me-ups. But sometimes you just need to let it all out. WELL moving on. IF you know my talented signing voice, then you might be lucky enough to have heard me BELT this wonderful song by Cher, “If I could turn back Time.” Now this post has nothing to do with the actual lyrics to that song, or me singing….but more on the TITLE. Since my last post, I am going to work on Turning Back Time…so as to not FEEL SO OLD.

IN efforts to TURN BACK TIME:

#1) I ran this morning 1 mile…mostly pulling RUsty along the road while he tried to befriend the many dogs on our street. I felt good that I did it. I ran 1 mile. (do not laugh, I am NOT a runner)

#2) Tonight, with the invitation from a friend, I RAN AGAIN! She says it is 3.5 miles. WAHOO!! This time I feel great. My head hurts & I can’t walk very well, but I feel great.

#3) Tomorrow I will work on Looking a bit more my age, rather than a 40 year old house wife. FASHION EXPERTS please help me!


  1. echo

    i am glad you got to run again. great job! keep it up. running really isn't all that bad you just have to push your body out the door. that is always the hardest part.
    keep it up!!

  2. Natalie.

    don't listen to echo. running IS all that bad. but that won't keep us from doing it all over again tomorrow night.

    you bring the mace.

  3. Stephanie

    i love this! way to go everyone! if anyone wants a barefoot running companion… im your girl… just cant run as far with the bare feet and you get strange looks – so tempting offer right guys?!?!

  4. Kahilau

    Go girl! I have a neighbor who goes walking literally ALL THE TIME! She invited me to go with her the other day. We walked 4.5 miles in an hour. Holy moly she is fast. I had a hard time keeping up but like you, I felt much better! Keep it up! PS. My neighbor is 50! Sometime I think I am older than her!

  5. liko

    you are killing me. you do not look like a forty-year-old housewife.

    and one mile is far for me! can't remember the last time i ran, probaby that 5k with steph. anyways, that was months ago! and i am so not a runner, either. someday i will get myself to like it…

    go, rachel!! keep it up!!


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