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dinner has turned to CRAP

Oct 25, 2010 | Family Life | 7 comments

I don’t mean because Dinner was crappy, more that how dinner goes is just CRAP!

Lately Dinner has been a FIGHT! I used to pride myself on the fact that all my kids ATE all their dinner. It was more like I MADE my kids eat all their dinner, you know the rules:

#1 – You can’t leave the table till dinner is finished, especially to watch the movie on Fri/Sat.
#2 – If you are “too full” to finish dinner you will go straight to bed and wait there until everyone else finished their dinner.
#3 – You must take atleast 3 bites before REFUSING to eat anymore.

I feel as if my parenting skills as of Late are REALLY lacking. Dinner has just turned to CRAP, CRAP I tell you CRAP! I don’t know where I went wrong…really?! I am super confused. My dinners HARDLY repeat themselves, and if they do I am almost certain the kids gave me a good response to that meal. But all of the sudden a 2nd turn for that dinner & they don’t like it anymore. I think that I am super frustrated because I did all these frozen dinners of which they have tried once before & likes & now they don’t like them. AAAAAHHHHH I don’t want to cook anymore. I want to give it up.

But I love to cook. Just not for picky eaters.

MOM, I am sorry I EVER complained about dinner.
I AM SORRY that I huffed when finding out what was for dinner.
I AM SORRY that I was not excited about the wonderful meals that you made for us everynight.
MOM, you cursed me with 10 kids just like me & I think that 2 feels like 20 just like me.



  1. Bridget

    Ohhhhh, I'm sorry! I feel your pain! My oldest is King of the "like it for one day" trick.

  2. Stephanie

    yes dinner. sometimes its like a big fat test of patience… and at the end of the day too! come on! haha

    it's a phase. i have no idea if that's true, but tell yourself that and keep your head high!

    also, maybe once you start eating what everyone else is eating too they'll pick up on the peer pressure aspect?? moms eating it so it's good! i don't know. but i know how you feel.

  3. Leslie

    About 5 days out of each week Anna complains (and often cries) before taking one single bite that she doesn't like what we are going to eat! And half of each week, Christian asks if we can make something else AS I AM IN THE MIDDLE of cooking that night's dinner. Emily asks almost nightly how many more bites she has to eat to be done after maybe the first two bites! I'm about ready to pull out my hair, too. Dinner is so frustrating!!!

    I feel like going on strike sometimes and telling them they have to come up with their own dinners that cannot consist of cereal, ramen, or spam. Ha! See how they'd like that!

  4. Rach

    amen leslie!!

  5. Pop

    Ooooooh! your momma will probably laugh so hard that she'll forget about all the aches and pains bothering her right now. What medicine this is! Don't use the old "all those starving pake's from you know where, cause you are partly one. Anyway, thanks for taking good care of our moopunas. Hang in there.

  6. Nikki

    We have a food snob in our home as well. If something even LOOKS like it might have mushrooms or onions or bell peppers in it, she says before even trying it, "I don't like this." I've told her numerous times that she can't decide she doesn't like something because she doesn't like the way it looks.

    And last week I cracked and confessed to her, "Mushrooms are NOT icky! You LOVE things I make with mushrooms. I just don't TELL you they're in there and you eat them happily. So HA! You LOVE mushrooms!"

  7. Nikki

    I also like to tell the kids, "This is all you get until breakfast tomorrow. You can eat it or go to bed hungry."


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