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Klai’s first Play

Nov 30, 2010 | Family Life | 7 comments

I remember when I was really little my oldest sister Leslie had all these GREAT ideas on making plays & lipsyncs & stuff…I think Klai is similar. Maybe its a first child thing or maybe they just like bossing little syblings around…I don’t know. BUT we totally enjoy her creativity.

Well one night this spunky little girl wrote a script & decided to put on a play. We’ve had these hand puppets for quite some time & I have been just waiting for a little munchkin to really PLAY with them! ha!

I love her organization with it. Makes me a proud mommy!
Some of my favorite parts is when Rykel gets into her role & adlibs.

(silence your cell phones during the production)


  1. Leslie

    that is so adorable! those are some creative kids you have! and I'm excited because that gives me a good idea for a christmas gift for my girls.

    p.s. I think all the credit goes to Nikki & Erin when we were growing up. I was probably just making the sets or something, lol.

  2. Stephanie

    very cute! i am definitely of the klai variety- i bossed all my cousins around any chance i got and put on monster productions! haha

  3. echo

    so CUTE!!! i love it! great job klai!

  4. echo

    'except for me!!'

  5. jase

    Sorry bout the cam shake…I was holding Wyatt and he is not the most still of keiki!!!!!
    Ryk always has to add her lil bit!! (non comformist!)

  6. Kahilau

    LOVE IT! I still can't believe they are the same little girls we used to have over in the back yard! So cute!

  7. brenley

    how funny! what a great little script writer. the kids loved watching it with me. can't wait to see you all!


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