Birthday Surprise

It all started a week and bit ago...when I KNEW he really wanted to Snowboard. THAT itch that he hasn't been able to scratch in 5 years. So with A LOT of help from family & friends....

-I booked the flight, cleared his work & seminary schedule. No one REALLY works on Valentine's Day ANYWAYS!
-I arranged tickets for snowboarding & for gear.
-I pre-packed his bag, put it in Nat's car Thursday Morning when he was at Temple. I also packed 4 Jaseboards, so he can take them & start the Buzz in Utah!

Then the day began & it was HECTIC all day long, till we left 30 minutes after date was scheduled to begin. (PS: thanks BREN for HIS birthday gift that was for me!)

The date ALMOST didn't go when he heard that half time at a BYUH basketball game gave Jaseboards double their time & he had to send substitutes (thanks JACOB!). THEN he lost his license & I had to sneak around finding his passport. But we went out. Had a nice dinner, laughed & enjoyed ourselves.

THEN we headed to the movie, we miss the right exit...so we HAVE to go a little further & then suddenly the AIRPORT exit appears & we ALL start loudly singing: "Happy Birthday to YOU!" He is smiling BIGGER than I've seen his smile in a LONG time. He is as giddy as I WAS keeping the secret.

It fulfills me GREATLY to know that I have surprised JASE...even though he might have had an inkling. I LOVE TO SURPRISE HIM.

23rd birthday - Dinner party surprise with friends & fam at Bennett's home in Roselands.
24th birthday - he SURPRISED me & sent me flowers, even though he was in Utah fixing up our sandy house to sell
25th birthday - can't remember, but I was pregnant...so probably not much.
26th birthday - Surprise Karaoke party with Friends
27th birthday - surprise him with Dinner party with friends, white lights & fun games
28th birthday - scavenger hunt with dinner in the roundabout facing the temple
29th birthday - surprise him all the things a 30 year OLD man can't do: ice blocking, tp'ing, random dress up at savers.
30 - nothing...I plead the pregnant card!
31 - thirty, (not flirting), but THRIVING!
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    4 comments on “Birthday Surprise”

    1. That comment was from "your mom". Meaning my mom! I love you honey and this has been an amazing trip! The people I have met with, the family I have played with and the freezing cold I have not enjoyed yet! Bring on tomorrow!!

    2. oh i love it! what a fun post. i knew it was a surprise but i didn't know he didn't know until he got to the airport! that is AWESOME! way to go, rachel! you are such a fun wife. i am SO boring! i need to take lessons from you!

      and p.s. the shirt looks DARLING on you! it cost me a fortune 🙂 and i love that jase is cool enough to let me send him bday presents that are for his wife ;). love you guys!

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