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The other day I visited with a friend & she gave me a book that might be a good homeschool teaching tool: KONOS. As I began to open the book it said on the front of the cover:

HUH?! I thought....Well YES, of course Homeschool Helps...THAT's why I DO IT! Duh! Then I laughed to myself, it meant This book is a homeschool Help Tool. HAHHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAH
(No I am not blond)
OK for Real about homeschool helps:
I have found some fabulous homeschool Blogs out there, with TONS of fun & FREE printables. They have great lesson plans & so much to offer...I tend to get overwelmed with all the stuff I find. But here are just a couple of my Favorites:

A big help for me has been doing WORKBOXES...have you heard about these? Oh my goodness, it has changed how I do homeschooling. I love that I set up the boxes the day/night before & then the kids just move at their own pace. BUT since we have started doing the workboxes, they are finishing hours earlier...seriously HOURS! Its great. THIS place: squido gave me the BEST information without having to buy the book. And it gave me a variety of ways to do it...which for me, was EXACTLY what I needed.

So this is how Hawaii's make shift ways does WORKBOXES:

So I took a bookshelf and added 12x12 stacked paper holders with plastic tubs next to them. On top I have vertical magazine holders, with a cylinder bucket & a bill organizer on the wall for their journals. My numbers on them change each day of where I want them to be. On the left side of the picture you can see 3 drawers with paper holders on top, that is Preschoolers boxes.

This picture shows the number strips hanging in front of their desks with their help cards attached. If they need guiding through a lesson, their book will have a card that says MOM'S HELP. If a lesson/activity should be self guided & they need help they bring me a HELP card. At the end of the day I give them stickers for each help card NOT used. And they can buy school supplies when they accumulate so many stickers on their chart. My Klai is SO motivated by sticker charts...she LOVES them!

Well for me & right now, Homeschool Helps Me & my family. I love it.

by, Rach

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    3 comments on “Homeschool Helps”

    1. I told Nikki about workboxes and she loved them... if only I could follow my own advice! I LOVE that you have pictures of all your stuff. Thank you, thank you for this post! I'm going through all your links now and will be doing some revamping. I have multi-drawer things now, but have yet to put them to use. Now I have plenty of ideas to steal...uh, borrow. 🙂

    2. Have I told you that you are awesome lately? Because you are. Wow this is cool! Next time I am over can I peruse it in person? You are very inspirational to all of us friend! 🙂

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