The Smart Look & Prize BOXES

  I don't know about you, but when I was little I always wanted to wear glasses. I thought that I would look smart. I remember even trying on my mom's glasses, but hers were so thick I couldn't see anything. Well TODAY's prize box choice of the day was a pair of no perscription glasses.

WHAT do you put in your prize box?

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    6 comments on “The Smart Look & Prize BOXES”

    1. What a cute idea! I wanted glasses when I was little too. I would put chocolate in my prize box : )

    2. Well, I've been debating on doing this with their leftover help cards.

      We've not been doing the Mommy School store anymore due to those that have little points feeling bad about their amount and creating a terrible snowball effect (in regards to bad behavior-- or rather "who cares" behavior). You'd think it would be incentive to try harder-- but unfortunately, it's the children with Sensory Processing Disorders that are not earning as many-- and that's hard for them to do.

      I like the prize box idea. How often do you use the box? Just when they earn enough? Or once a week?

    3. And where did you get the non-prescription glasses? Gabbers was begging me for some reading glasses from Wal-Mart because she thought they were "just the right size." But I couldn't find any non-prescription, non-magnifying ones.

    4. The glasses came from a bag of stuff that my renters left behind and I checked them out and they were just for her "LOOK." SO yeah for us. But I thought Walmart would have NON-prescription glasses..odd.

      Prize box we do when 2 stars align: #1 - they have enough stickers to buy least 2.
      #2 - after school is finished & the classroom is clean.

      Yeah the mommy-store box comes & goes if I remember and so this is somewhat combined.

    5. You can get none prescription glasses from any teenage geared jewelry store like Claire or icing! I must admit that I love non prescript glasses, guess I haven't grown out of that stage yet. Haha!

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