Bedtime Crazies

   Can you believe that these 3 kids sleep in the same bedroom? I'm sure many people, especially out here in Polynesia have, more than this in a room together. But I bet on the Mainland this is uncommon to have this many in a room. It makes bedtime a FUN event! OH SO FUN! They do pretty good together. I feel that the closeness in age is best when sharing rooms.They are usually more patient with each other.

Evee USUALLY is great at bedtime. She sits in her crib and watches the boys during book time, songs & prayers. BUT sometimes...she screams and cannot handle the bars that restrain her freedom to roam.

Sometimes I get really grumpy with having so many kids sharing a room. Its so funny how you evolve and change with the trials and adventures in your life, your dreams change too. I used to want only 4 children and have enough bedrooms to each kid have their own room...and so much more in a house. NOW that I have 5 kids in a 3.5  bedroom house, my views have seriously changed. I owe it all to Hawaii, for changing my views...mostly because YOU CAN'T AFFORD to have bedrooms for every kid. I have dreams of owning a FARM...but that's a WHOLE other blogpost for that. We used to own a house that had 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms a spacious kitchen & dining room, 2 bathrooms, a storage room AND a laundry room....did you hear that a LAUNDRY ROOM! Ok, I don't miss it.....ok atleast MOST of the time.

But SOMETIMES when its late, kids keep coming in and out of the bedrooms, someone overly hyper and can't sleep while the other is dying to go to bed, someone ALWAYS has to pee, and someone else wants a drink....YES SOMETIMES I get REALLY jealous of those with many bedrooms.

One day I will miss these days.

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    5 comments on “Bedtime Crazies”

    1. I love bedroom sharing! OK, most of the time. My girls share a room, and I actually feel bad for Sam that he has no one to share with. I'm thinking of squeezing him in with the girls, even though we have a "boys" room. lol! He's with me for now, but I think about this stuff alot.

      The only downside I've found is that they ALWAYS fight at clean-up time; "SHE made that mess, not me! Those are MY toys, but SHE was playing with them." lol No experience personally here, so we make it up as we go.

    2. Awesome pictures friend! Gotta love Instagram. Man, I was just thinking of you today as I struggled with my two kids in and out of stores, running errands, getting lost in town with someone having to pee where I couldn't possibly pull over and another needing a diaper change...etc. You always amaze me!

    3. I have so many wonderful memories of bedtime adventures while growing up! I didn't have my own room until I was at BYU and paying for it myself and plan on doing the same for my kids!

    4. We have enough bedrooms for our boys to have their own rooms, but we still make them share. We are so mean, ha ha! I think it's good for them though. 🙂 So far they seem to love it, though some nights it can be CRAZY. Anyhow, you are awesome!!

    5. Kalei has her own room but REFUSES to sleep in it. The three of them all sleep in the same room.
      If they had it their way, they'd all be in the same bed. I feel your pain though. Lots of kids in one room makes bedtime quite the ordeal.

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