Birthday Surprises

I was EXTREMELY surprised when Nat showed up one evening with Steph, Echo & Matti. We went to town for an Awesome Girls Night!

They took me to a Hotel to stay OVERNIGHT in town, (Thanks Jase & Nat for making it possible). Oh My goodness, its been FOREVER since I had a sleepover. It was so fun to walk to Waikiki Strip and see a Gold Man, singers making money, a painter that used spray paint and more. We even did a mini FLASH MOB! Ok so we were dancing around and decided to go into the 88 T-shirt store & bust into dance. It was a BLAST!

We got back to the hotel & chatted the night away....we didn't stay up that late. Us moms can't stay up late anymore. I seriously passed out after laying in the bed a few minutes.

In the morning we laid out ALL day....well mostly all day. It was a blast. This hotel had some great pools.

And every mom needs to work on her Hair Flip! 


This is what the crazy faces look like AFTER the hair flip....OH i'm dying inside from laughter at my face.

ok so after Mom's go wild...we really appreciate coming home to our babies. THIS is the face of a Happily surprised refreshed ME!

As my Birthday date approached I didn't expect anything more. But I got a POO-ey surprise on my birthday. We went to a friends baby birthday party & when we came back, our sewer pump stopped and the sewage backed up and seeped out of all the toilets & shower. Oh what a surprise that was. It stunk in our house like an OUTHOUSE! horrible! After a few hours of no water and lots of cleaning, it got fixed. That was for sure a birthday surprise. but alas Jase saved the day with Roses, chocolate cake, and a ton of FB Birthday Wishes.

What a day it was!

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    4 comments on “Birthday Surprises”

    1. That was quite the night! and ps. that was our Martha Washington hair, not Barbara Bush. And you call yourself an American!

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