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Endless days of summer, taking pics is something small we do to pass the time.

I love this Shae man. I don’t know if you can really tell, but this kid has the longest eye lashes. WHY is it that the BOYS get the awesome lashes…except my friend LORI, she has fabulously long eyelashes. JEALOUS! 
And this boy has Grandpa Calabio’s forehead!  He is constantly wanting his picture taken. I LOVE and HATE it all at the same time. This kid is the energizer bunny that keeps on going. I am all out of ideas on how to get his energy OUT…so it doesn’t attack the house. Goodness…but he sure is cute. 

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  1. stephanie joy

    I love these and think they need to be framed. They just look so old-fashioned charming and precious. Yes, frame them please.

  2. lori

    Awh, thanks Rach. I love these pictures of your boys. You always have the best pictures.

  3. Nikki

    Hammy has the same forehead as Wyatt. lol And I do remember Lori's eyelashes. Man. How would it be?

  4. kenzie

    they are so cute. Oh how I miss my Hawaiin family 🙁 love you all and big hugs as well xoxoxoxo

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