Yard Sale

I love Yard Sales....or I think I do.

I love to find that great item that you've always wanted for only $2 or even better $.25, I have a few things that I got for a quarter that I have kept for years. Those precious items....hahahahhaha. Maybe its a family thing...if anyone knows my sister ERIN, they know she is the yard saling QUEEN. I am Queen of Hawaii...only because she is not here. ANYWAYS, I love to yard sale, but I end up coming home with things that I REALLY didn't need and maybe that 1 item I was hoping to get. SO because my house gets filled with those things we don't really need I FEEL THE NEED to do my own Yard Sale!

I Yard Sale because I just can't throw away useful things. I yard sale to get rid of my clutter. I Yard Sale with friends because I like to chat with people while selling my crap. I yard sale because if I make $50 I am a happy camper and we got rid of things for that money.

BUT OH THE FRUSTRATION that comes when I prep for my Yard Sale......serious frustration. I get frustrated while I go through the kids things because 1 kid can't part with anything, 1 kid wants to sell their syblings things, 1 kid doesn't want to help AT ALL and the other just pull things out of the yard sale bins while I put those things in. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I used to do this so calmly....maybe if I send my kids away for a week then my house will be ready for the yard sale and BE CLEAN!

So here we go again...Yard Sale tomorrow. I hope I make atleast $50!

How do you keep your house clutter-free and CLEAN?!

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    2 comments on “Yard Sale”

    1. i need to have a yard sale too since we're moving, but i hate putting together yard sales. it's too much work. i'm so overwhelmed already. any advice?

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