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2011 Halloween theme: XMEN! 

Here is our ideas of what we will be for Halloween this year! Now I am ALL about homemade and I totally appreciate a GREAT homemade costume. THIS years goal is to make these costumes for under $20……I’ll see if we can do it!

Photobucket Jase – easy…white shirt, big hair, dark jean, metal claws!

Photobucket Rach – Red Phoenix – dyed leggins and gold accessories

Photobucket klai – Rogue – black clothes, white streak

Photobucket Rykel – White storm – white leotard, white tights, white cape, yellow add-ons

Photobucket Shae – Cartoon Wolverine – costume just like that I got for free

Photobucket Wyatt – Beast – church clothes, blue paint

Photobucket Evee – Mystique – blue tights and onesie, blue paint, red hair paint

I think I can do this. Saturday is our Church’s Halloween party…so I hope to take pictures by then and post the FINAL Halloween look!  

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  1. jen

    My husband I are were just talking about how we don't really get into Halloween as much as we'd like to because I don't like to spend money. I'm dying to see you pull this off!!

  2. jen

    No pressure or anything 🙂

  3. lori

    I love this idea! You have to post pictures.

  4. Laura

    Make it happen! I can't wait to see pictures, you can do it, if anyone can.

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