How will we watch Conference?

Jase is still gone on the Mainland. Lucky for him, he gets to go to the LDS Conference Center and watch conference LIVE. So exciting! Without a computer (and no TV) I was worried to how we were going to watch conference. Well I know that we could go to the church building and watch it live there...oh 6 am with 5 kiddos doesn't sound very uplifting. I could go to a neighbors house to watch it with them....hmmm but again 5 kiddos NOT being so quiet will disturb their viewing ability. I was distrot. Well our good-ole neighbor came through and let us borrow their laptop to watch conference in the convenience of our own home. I have been taken care of.

Of course the Saturday that Conference is on, EVERYTHING is going on. Soccer games back to back form 8am - 10:30 am, birthday parties that go all day, slip 'n' slide parties that you can't miss....where will we fit in CONFERENCE?! Well we did it, we got up at 6 am and watched the morning session 6-8am, then headed off to soccer, birthday parties & slip 'n' slide parties. By the time we got home, 5 pm, we had missed the Saturday afternoon session.....but THANK GOODNESS for modern technology and LDS.org. Once conference is aired you can watch and re-watch whatever you want to. So after I put the crazy kiddos to bed, I watched the Saturday Afternoon session. AND BOY DID I NEED THAT ONE! (These talks hit home for me: Neil L. Anderson & Ian S. Arden

Sunday Morning the kids did great...we enjoyed conference and they would listen intently for special words...these words were attached to snack bowls and once they heard the word they were able to grab a snack. Evee of course was not QUIET. But again THANK GOODNESS for LDS.org, I can watch it again tonight when the kids go to bed. (Elder Tad R. Callister & Elaine S. Dalton stuck out in my brain)

Sunday Afternoon we had a special experience, we got to watch Grandpa Elder Randall K Bennett speak in Conference. Thank goodness Evee was taking a nap at that time, and the kids listened so well to what he was saying. They giggled when a story he told mentioned a cousin they knew. What a faith building experience to see someone you personally know FILLED with the spirit of inspiration and revelation give a talk that WE KNOW our Heavenly Father wanted him to tell the world. Thank You Rand and Heavenly Father for that wonderful experience.

I can't wait for Jase to come home and we can have a date and RE-watch Conference uninterrupted.

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    3 comments on “How will we watch Conference?”

    1. So that was Jase's dad?!? I wondered that because he looked familiar and the last name was Bennett but I thought, no way : )

    2. We saw your father in law on t.v., too...we had to do a double take at first then realized it really was Jase's dad. We were wondering if the story he told about his grandchild was one of your kiddos...thanks for the clarification!:) You're so dedicated. love it rach!

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