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Ramblings or Venting

Mar 8, 2011 | Family Life | 9 comments

Sometimes I’d like to just ramble on & on about what troubles me, or what interests me, or what I think about. But then I think that’s not fun for YOU to read. BUT oh well.

This is for me & my record. Sometimes typing is easier for me than writing in my journal.

I often have a conversation with Jase about me not having a Hobby. But then I think that being a housewife/homeschooler is my hobby. But I guess not really because you do hobbies for fun. And I don’t really find fun in cleaning my house. I like teaching the kids & I have actually REALLY enjoyed it lately. I enjoy having them home, is that selfish? I enjoy getting to know them better. I enjoy seeing how my kids understand subjects, or seeing them figure out problems a totally different way than I do. Really that’s amazing. So is that considered a hobby?

Well then I think to myself if this is a hobby, I’m not very good at the housewife part. The cleaning…seriously the house is messy 90% of the day. So if you plan to visit, come over after 8pm, that’s when I have had time to pick up after the day. But I haven’t been able to DEEP CLEAN in a long time. (friends don’t be s cared to come over) Seriously though I can’t remember when I mopped my floor, sad I know. And I can’t stand to go into the boys bathroom because WELL…I’m sure you all understand I don’t need to explain. I just don’t have the oomph to get up & go crazy cleaning….maybe because I do homeschool. BUt even if I had the big kids in public school, I would have 3 rascals at home & still may not get as much cleaned as desired. Whoa is me.

Then there is cooking. I used to think myself a good cook, I guess we all do till we are compared to someone. But I guess truth be told, I have only been complimented on certain types of cooking that I have done. MY PIES…well my mom’s pies. I enjoy making those because people seem to like them, unless they are just nodding & smiling & they really don’t think it is good. But I like my pies. So maybe my cooking is bland & boring. But I guess its ok if at least there is food on the table & its not fast food, I couldn’t buy it if I wanted to anyways.

You know what, when I get into these Whoa is me moods, its mostly because life is just stressful. But really who’s life ISN’T stressful. In times passed when we were low on the cash & dinner ideas got hard due to the lack of variety I had in the home, I was BLESSED with inspiration to know what I COULD cook. I am thankful for that.

I am just looking in the wrong direction. I am looking back thinking of things that USED to be & not what THINGS COULD BE.
*I could be the best homeschooling MOM for my kids EVER. We have fun together…right?!
*I could be the BEST cook this side of the Mississippi (I always wanted to say that, its from a movie…not sure which one though.)
*I could have the cleanest house…OK lets be truthful, my house will never be as clean as Erin’s or Leslie’s, but maybe as clean as Nikki’s. How does she do 7 kids & keep it nice & tidy.
*I could have a hobby. hmm……a hobby that excites me & helps me release.

But then is that me? Am I defined by the meals I cook, how clean my house is, or how well read our children are? Maybe not the first two, but so many times have I heard that Your children are a reflection of YOU. that’s scary.


  1. Leslie

    I think homeschooling would be an awesome hobby. There's so much preparation and thought involved with that and if you enjoy it and the kids enjoy it, what better use of time is there?! Seriously, I'm always impressed with you and Nikki (and cousin Amy) that homeschool.

    We are really lucky to have very good public schools in our town and my kids are happy there, but if we had a need I would homeschool but to be honest, I think it would be a struggle for me to enjoy it and be on top of it like you three women. So it's totally a gift and talent you have – just embrace it and love it!

    And don't worry about messy houses – I only have three kid and my house isn't as clean as people think it is. I'm just good and quick pick ups and strategic hiding of stuff, lol.

  2. lori

    I wish I could come and hang out in your messy house! : ) I miss you! Hang in there, you're amazing.

  3. sanaejames photography

    Rachel girl the best part about you is the fact that you are always willing to try new things. i have always thought that about you. you are always super chill, too. to me, i think hobbies can be over-rated. you don't have to be the best at it for it to be a hobby, ya know? at least that's the way I've been feeling lately anyway. seems like there's so much pressure for us ladies to be the best at everything and often times I'm mediocre at everything! ha! i used to think i loved cooking, but now i realize i have to be in the "mood" for it (which is not very often i might add). i always thought you were an awesome party planner–that could be a hobby:) or maybe you could start a book club/ladies club out there where you meet once a month to play games/talk about the latest book read, etc. you'd be the perfect person to put that together.:)

  4. Staci

    Dear Rachel,

    You are an absolutely amazing woman who has so many talents. Talents do not always have to come by "look what I did!" You are raising five amazing children and giving the absolute best education they could ever have. Someday they will be able to look back and say, "Wow! My mom home school because she loved me enough!" You are always throwing parties and helping others! You truly put others first in everything and if that is not a talent who is to say what is one! You constantly inspire others and work hard always! Thanks for showing others your talents! And for inspiring!!

  5. Nikki

    My house is never clean. hAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just ask Leslie. She was here recently.

    Seriously, I think it's great to have a hobby or in other words, "something you enjoy doing." It doesn't have to be the typical hobby you think of when the word "hobby" comes to mind.

    You're super-de-duper talented and energetic. You do things with your kids.

    You're always sharing amazing recipes with me and homeschool tips.

    Your kids aren't going to remember your house was clean and take that happy memory on into their adult lives. They're going to remember the field trips and Valentine's Parties and Happy School and the ward activities, etc.

    If my house is tidy, the hour before that sounded like this: "Pookie, Gabbers, Bun, and Hammy, get in here right now. Can you afford a maid? I charge a quarter to take care of your dishes that you should've loaded. I will also use two bags to gather up whatever I find. Because if I'm picking it up, I'm picking it up to donate. That's the first bag. The second bag is trash. And if it's your trash I'm throwing away, you'll be using your mommy points to pay the maid. What? Get off the back of the couch and pick up ten things. I know you can't count to 27. So you can pick up ten things. And when you're done, ten things again. Get off the table! You are not a centerpiece! Get the other twin and put him in the box. Nobody sits down, plays with Legos, draws pictures, drifts off to fairyville, reads a book, shops in the refrigerator or ANYTHING at all until this place doesn't look like the neighbors took all their trashcans and dumped them in here. Go go go!!"

  6. Nikki

    At least you're skinny. πŸ˜‰

  7. Stephanie

    I just want to add an amen to the others and say that I don't really know anything except that life is a journey and we take on what we can handle and do our best and then not stress about the rest right? I think your hobby is just being fun and going going going in ways that few people on this earth can. I am always amazed.

  8. Molly Bea

    I hope we are NOT defined by how my house is cleaned, or what meals "land" on my table. While reading this I couldn't help but think…"what would I want to be judged on?" I think it would br the character if my children. If all else fails and I have raised great individuals I think the rest can be forgotten. Just one of the many thoughts on this subject… Now I MUST go start laundry, three weeks till due date or not, we need clean clothes:)

  9. Unknown

    I feel the exact same way sometimes. I feel like I have no hobbies and no talents but then I have to remember that I work full time and I have to take care of my family also and I have to stop comparing myself to others! I just had to realize that as long as I was happy and making my family happy, that's all that matters…and I've decided that I'm going to make running my new hobby cuz we still need something that's just "ours". I just need to go more often to make it one! πŸ˜›


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