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Advice from On High

Apr 5, 2011 | Family Life | 3 comments

As Conference Weekend comes along I always ponder what questions & prayers I might seek to have answered by these inspired speakers. Well I couldn’t pin point 1 question, but I did narrow the subject matter down to…..PARENTING. I am constantly reading book after book on how to be a better parent. I have read discipline books, sleeping habit books, feeding kid books, soft spoken parent books (so hopefully I won’t yell at them ALL the time), books about their personalities, books about their love languages, books books books!! So as LDS General Conference began I had parenting in my thoughts. And I know that this talk, given by Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy, was FOR ME!

Since I heard the talk given on Sunday Afternoon, I have listened to it atleast 5 times, trying to really apply his words to my daily parenting lifestyle. There was so much more that was also helpful to my needs, but this talk specifically hit the spot.

Click HERE for more talks & information from the LDS General Conference 


  1. brenley

    i need to watch elder robbins talk DAILY! it was so good, and even better the second time. i really am going to watch it every day for awhile. it is so good! thanks for sharing and reminding me!

  2. .Ang.

    Pretty sure this talk was for me. As he was mentioning the qualities we need to have. Patience, longsuffering etc. I was popping Tyken's balloon that wasn't being very reverent.


  3. kenzie

    lol well I guess I wasn't the only one that this was their favorite talk, It stood out to me HUGE, I loved it and have also watched and listened to it multiple times. Love it


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