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Experience comes with scraps & bruises

Apr 7, 2011 | Family Life | 4 comments

My cautious & timid Shae has become my Adventurous & DARING Shae. Sometimes NOT the best combination. He is so anxious to be like his big sisters & try NEW things that they haven’t done.

Well of course the time that he can actually do something bigger & better than his sisters….he GETS BONKED.

So visiting with Tutu & Grandpa at the Pool, everyone was jumping into the pool…doing all sorts of fun kicks & crazy body twists. Well Shae being creative decides to do a full front flip into the pool….AND…..he does GREAT! He clears the step that is just below him. He continues to do it over & over again…but he slowly is getting closer & closer to that step. After many successes, he actually flips forward & on his way up out of the water he barely scraps his forehead on THAT step. He rests, we caution him to make sure he jumps out FAR, he listens for a bit.

THEN out of nowhere we look over at him, he is in the water & as he comes up he SCRAPS the LEDGE of the step REALLY BAD. He is all scrapped up & bloody. We cleaned him up good…before taking pictures of course. And soon after an employee of the pool came over & asked if we wanted to write a statement. We declined, but This employee was pretty persistent it was like he was asking him to sue them. SO FUnny…well I guess not on Shae’s part.

Well WISDOM comes with experience & that came with a bunch of scraps & bruises.


  1. Nikki

    Oh wow. I'm amazed after his first injury that he tried again! That is some courage.

  2. Laura

    awe Shae! Been there woman

  3. brenley

    what a tough kid. so rugged looking, too 🙂

  4. Bridget

    Oh, poor lil guy! But cool he can do flips!


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