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Rykel turns 6

Apr 27, 2011 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 3 comments

My beautiful baby is 6. 6 years ago I waited for this wonderful girl to come, and she came just 4 days early, but she came fast. She had chubby cheeks right from the start, and I have loved every little roll she ever had. She’s lost a lot of that chubbiness, but she is still soo cuddly. Miss Rykel is my hands on kinda girl. She loves bugs, animals and all things CREATURE like. She is a great problem solver.              


Every 4 years or so, we have a big Birthday Party (My Favorite Rykel’s #4: Kung Fu Panda Party) with tons of friends…on the birthdays in between we do smaller family parties, or we go somewhere and invite a friend or 2. So for her small birthday event, we invited 3 of her friends and went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We enjoyed activities in each village. The kids loved, LOVED fishing by the Tahitian Village.


  One of the favorite things to do is get their Tattoos, and become the fierce warriors that they are!  We really had a great time.

Also during the birthday month, birthday Kid gets a DATE with Both Mom and Dad. Its a treat to get both of us ALL to themselves. It always amazes me to how different they are when they are alone with just us two. They love the undivided attention and love. It makes me want to do that every month…but the budget only allows so much. This special little girl was so excited, I even let her put on a bit of makeup. She let her big sister do her hair & help her accessorize. She could NOT stop beaming. So I had Dad play the Gentlemen and get her a flower & knock at the door. I should have videotaped it…oh my goodness this girl was all giggles. (Sister I know the feeling…he’s a heart stopper!)  We enjoyed dinner and a movie. She was such a peach. Happy 6 little one.


  1. Stephanie

    I love the mom and dad date idea in the birth month! So great! Totally gonna steal it. THANKS! 🙂

    ps- I got your message. Let's talk. I am coming to sort tomorrow b/c Linda had a class to go to. We'll talk then.

  2. The Price Family

    She is so big and BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the idea too.

  3. lori

    Happy birthday Rykel! I can't believe she's six. I love that Klai helped her get ready…so cute!


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