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Bad Words & Soap

May 7, 2011 | Family Life | 6 comments

So just recently Klai comes huffing and puffing that RYKEL has said some bad words.
“Like What,” I ask.
“The “F” word & the “S” word,” she states…..Hmmmm I think, does she even know bad words?!
“What “F” and “S” word are we talking about?!!!!”

“FART and STUPID,” she Exclaims.
“Oh”  (big giggles inside), “Tell her WE DON’T say those words.”

Hahahahhahhahhahahah, I can only imagine what words we will have to deal with later.

When I was little and if I said a bad word I would get soap in the mouth. So as of late we have done the soap consequence for name-calling or using Bad words.  It helped right away, but some days not as much. 

What consequence do you use?


  1. jase

    I love you Rykel!

  2. Michelle

    Ha,ha. That happened at my house once. Someone was accused of saying the 'h' word and the 's' word, which turned out to be hate and shut up. Ah, innocent homeschoolers…

  3. Bridget

    Oh, that is sooooo cute! That pic is adorable too. Your girls are so pretty, like their mamma.

  4. The Price Family

    HUmmmm I think the "F" word is used in our house daily. Elizabeth is always saying "excuse me I farted" and asking if Millie farted. She is obsessed with farts. After all, Jesse is her dad and he loves beans. HA

  5. Nikki

    Soap for bad words or potty talk. Vinegar for screaming.

    Poor Rykel.


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