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May 9, 2011 | Family Life | 4 comments

Mother’s Day….the day that we reflect on our Mom’s.

But really I think about moms EVERY SINGLE DAY. Maybe that’s because I am a mom & I, like I’m sure every mom out there, is struggling with how to BE a MOM!

How Incredible life is to have a MOM in it. I am surrounded by AMAZING moms, everywhere.

I love this young picture of her, many people don’t believe we look alike…but OH we do. And I LOVE it.

I have many wonderful examples of Moms all around me. My sisters are Fabulous, You can learn so much from them.  Leslie, Nikki, Erin

I am so blessed to also have another Mom in my life. Shelley is an amazing mom & wonderful support.

And my incredible Sisters-in-law. Who have taught me soo much.

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  1. i'm erin.

    Wow RAch! Where did you get that hot pic of Mom? That's amazing. Can you send me a copy?
    Great post.

  2. brenley

    you totally look like your MOM! o my goodness! i had no idea. she's so gorgeous!! all of you gals resemble her so much!! fun post! i am forever learning from you and your wonderful mothering skills as well. love you!

  3. Nikki

    Happy Mother's Day! I thought you were the cutest baby in the world until I had my own and became a mother. 😉

  4. Leslie

    It is awesome to be in a sisterhood of mothers and I only wish I lived closer to you and MOm and the rest of our sisters to make life even better. Loveya!


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