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Verbalizing Labels

May 27, 2011 | Family Life | 4 comments

This ain’t no baby. THIS is a crazy child ALREADY. I often call my children CRAZY…because they are. But maybe I am prophecying and they are living up to that….maybe I should call them ANGELS and they will become angels. WHAT do you think? Maybe I’m not thinking of the right terminology…but hopefully you understand what I’m thinking about. And maybe its just my perception. Because I call them CRAZY kids, then I think they are CRAZY all the time. But I always talk about how Evee is my sweetheart…and she is, well atleast that is what I think she is. So verbalizing labels to my children are creating my mental image of them. HUH.

Good thoughts friends. Let’s talk again soon.

The picture to the left is Evee Yelling at the wind…”LOOK AT ME!” and then the picture to the right is her Yelling at me…to LOOK AT HER! I love her sense of adventure already. She is ready to go and conquer the world. 

I often ponder on what my children will become/do, as I’m sure every mother/parent does. I am always worrying about how my parenting is sculpting and molding them into someone. The sad thing is, I never think about this in the middle of the day when I am scolding them or trying to be patient and teach them…I always think about it at the end of the day. Frustrated at the end of the day, I worry that my sculpting and molding was not so good that day. Hopefully the next day will be better. I’m sure there are plenty of WONDERFUL parents out there that have great tips on HOW during the mess of the day, the frustration, the chaos…YOU can pull out those wonderful Parenting Tips & Teach them something AWESOME!

Teach Me!

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  1. brenley

    they are crazy angels 😉 i love reading your thoughts on parenting! xo

  2. Nikki

    you don't know crazy. hahaha

  3. Nikki

    I like the new look by the way. And maybe the word you're looking for is "vocalizing." I think, anyway. I think about that too sometimes. Are they becoming what I say they are? Or what I call them or refer to them as?

  4. Molly Bea

    I don't know today during church it was all "survival" not much molding/ teaching ha ha. I wonder that too…how much is what we influence and how much is heavenly father knowing that w can handle (almost) certain personalities…


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