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Klai’s adventure in Wonderland

Jun 4, 2011 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

We love to do dates with the kids. Although we don’t always get to have a date with each kid each month…we try to though. Klai has been having some difficulty lately…so I felt she needed some serious BONDING time. So luckily BYUH was putting on Alice in Wonderland. I love theater…from Broadway to the local college theater, its awesome. The story had just a few different things than the basic Alice in Wonderland. BUT Klai LOVED it. The characters were funny & their costumes were GREAT! I was very impressed with our BYUH theater presentation.

She loved the Queen of Hearts. She thought it was so funny how she kept saying; “Off with their HEADS!”

She really enjoyed seeing our renter, Kimber (4 of hearts) at the play. I think that is the best part…seeing someone you know in the play.

GOOD JOB cast. A fun date. And I always feel like their self esteem is up after a good date with a child. I love my Klai.

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  1. Stephanie

    I love that- their self-esteem really does seem to soar a bit after the precious one on one time. You are a great example to me. We loved the play as well. Me and Ambrose went with the cousins and it was fun! We know Kimber too- she's great!

  2. Unknown

    Aw… this is so cute Ray. You are such a great Mommy, I only hope I can be like you one day. Klai is so beautiful I can't believe how much she's grown.

  3. Natalie.

    I miss that sweet smile!


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