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Salsa bar & Salsa Dancing

Sep 22, 2011 | Family Life | 3 comments

PhotobucketOk I have been to my share of wedding receptions, but I loved THIS idea. Salsa bar & Salsa dancing. HOW cool is that. This lovely girl that I used to advise in YW’s in our ward grew up and got herself married….to a handsome Latino man. Their reception was such a fun place; lively latin music, all DIFFERENT types of yummy salsa & lots of happy people celebrating this young couples happiness.
PhotobucketThe kids surprisingly couldn’t get enough Salsa & Salsa dancing. They were all over the place. Dancing with each other & switching partners between each other & giggling and giggling. Photobucket 
I LOVE THIS IDEA! I totally want to do this for a party. Salsa Dancing & a Salsa Bar. 
Hmmm… mouth is watering from remembering all the yummy salsas I tried.


  1. Mibi and Lee

    Can you invite me to that party you're planning??? My husband makes a mean mango salsa;)Super cute idea!!!

  2. lori

    This brought an embarrassing memory to mind. Remember at Ricks when we pretended to salsa dance and those real salsa dancing guys asked us to dance only to find out we had no idea what we were doing……good times : )

  3. Maverick and Aissa Mitton

    Speaking of salsa…Ive been meaning to ask you if u happen to remember the salsa that you serve at Wyatt's first birthday party. hehe. I know such a long time ago BUT I HATE tomatoes so salsas arent usually for me EXEPT for that particular one. I dunno why but i cant get it out of my head and ive tried to remake it but its just not the same. Soooo u think u can help me out and fulfill my 2 year old craving???


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