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entertainment & potty chairs

Oct 13, 2011 | Family Life | 5 comments

This girl is 16 1/2 months old and FINALLY she has enough hair to do pig tails. I LOVE IT!

Photobucket Photobucket

But of course Evee has found other things to entertain herself…..her nose. A big hit with her. But really I wonder…what is it about the nose that is so faccinating? Is it the treasures that are inside…or is it because your finger fits ever-so-nicely!

The next best entertainment is of course the PERFECT accessory. This girl is my only child that keeps her hats, sunglasses, headband, shoes, etc on. She just loves to accessorize. PhotobucketPhotobucket

As of late THIS girl has been letting me know when she is about to go “poo poo,” and sure enough a few minutes later she goes POOP. So I know this is the SIGN to start potty training….but REALLY?!! She is only 16 months old. So I put her on the potty chair and she thought it was fun. But she doesn’t sit for a long time. She sits and stands, sits and stands, picks it up and WALKS around with it. A few times she has started to go & I’ve picked her up and put her on the potty chair….but I don’t think its clicking for her yet. I’m not sure if I’m ready to start the system…staying home for a long time, not going anywhere, cleaning up accidents EVERYWHERE! Its not like I’ve got a shortage of those. Goodness….BUT if she does potty train, I could have NO kids in diapers…that would be a MIRACLE! But I’d bet THEN I’d get pregnant! HA!


  1. Bridget

    Oh Rach! She is so darned adorable!!!!

  2. The Price Family

    That is if you're not pregnant now! HA She is super cute. I wish her and Millie were friends. Millie has no hair. I couldn't even attempt to put a hair thing in. Love you.

  3. lori


  4. The Bennetts

    Grandpa's favorite little girl hairstyle! She just looks absolutely fabulous! I think she's been taking accessory tips from her mama! What a girl!

  5. brenley

    what a diva!! the glasses looks so cute! and elsie does the same thing on the potty…she wants to sit when we do but doesn't do anything. it's so funny!! i like potty training at 2 because it takes one – two days but if evee is showing you signs and ready…go for it. i don't think i will cause elsie doesn't tell me when she is going so good job evee for being vocal about it! good luck 🙂 and jase told me about your moanasaves blog, so fun. i'll have to check it out more often!! xo


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Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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