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XMEN rock!

Nov 2, 2011 | Family Life | 7 comments

I wanted to add in my details of costume COSTS…$21 total for 6 outrageous costumes!

Hope your Halloween was as FUN and awesome as ours. 
The Crew: I must say this year was PRETTY awesomely FUN for making and creating the costumes. We had a blast! And ALL the kids were into it!


Logan & Pheonix
Logan…without the CLAWS. People always think Jase looks like wolverine…I think its the hair. AND so this year, he played true to his role! No one really knew who I was…but I took the outfit less recognized..the comic book one. 

Cost: $5 total  – $3 hair color & $2 Rit Dye for red outfit. Clothes were from our wardrobe and gold fabric was left over from Fall Play Eqyptians. Dog tags – cardboard and extra chain from a fan.

Klai absolutely LOVEd being Rogue, she would tell people that she would SUCK their powers away. SO awesome…I love it when a kid REALLY grasps their role! 

Cost: $6.50 total. $5 for black gloves.  $1.50 for half a can of hair color. Clothes were leotard & leggings from her wardrobe. Black shoe covers made from old lining of a skirt.

Rykel talked about it for days/weeks, but when the time came to take pictures, she was quite embarrassed and gave us the hardest time posing. BUT her costume turned out the BEST! I really hoped she enjoyed the coolness of how she looked. 


COST: TOTAL $4.50. $3 for white gloves. $1.50 – half a can of hair color spray. Her outfit was the most fun to make! She had a pink leotard that I bleached white. We borrowed white leggings. I turned an old white pillowcase into her cape and shoe covers. Yellow accessories came from extra yellow fabric from the stash. THIS was an awesome costume!

Shae loved it. AND I must say I had a great epiphany with those claws….some old mittens and Rubber slippers and BOOM Wolverine claws! I’m the bomb! 

FREE – his costume although it was NOT homemade was free for doing a review on a companys product. His claws were made from old mittens and an old slipper. 

Wyatt really enjoyed his part. HIS costume was SIMPLE! he loved his furry feet and fake glasses, but the best part was his face in pictures. He got into it.


Cost – $1 for half a tube of face paint. His outfit came from Sunday Clothes. I made furry feet out of old socks and batting and some blue paint I had lying around. Glasses were given to us and

Baby Mystique
Evee was the best with face paint and coloring her hair. WHAT a trooper, she would just sit there while I painted her. THIS day was not the best for the paint, she kept wanting to snuggle and get her paint on things…Halloween night she kept it on better. WHAt a cutie pie. SHe got the most laughs and appreciation of cuteness. 


COST – TOTAL$4.  $3 for can of hair color. $1 for half a tube of blue face paint. Her clothes I dyed blue and used puffy paint and face paint to give her that mystique look.

Halloween night: I was concerned with all the rain, that my children with painted faces would get rained on and it would run into their eyes…so WE went to the Mall’s Safe Trick-o-Treat! And we saw some awesome costumes our selves.


  1. i'm erin.

    ha ha ha! That's hilarious. Great costumes.

  2. Molly Bea

    I am so in love with this! Ten points for being the creative mom that you rock as and another ten do dressing up! You win!

  3. Sam

    Coolest. Parents. Ever.

  4. Leslie

    These have got to be the BEST costumes ever!!! I'm so impressed with your creativity and that the whole family got involved.I'm now a little scared of your children and their superpowers but Seriously – I LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love is all you need

    I love you guys! You have always been so good at sewing and making things! I think you even made me a really cute purse once! You rock.

  6. Nikki

    I am always amazed at how awesome your Halloween costumes are. But I think this year beats all the rest!


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