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Christmas Gifts & potty training

Nov 11, 2011 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

So many weeks ago, lovely little Evee announced her “poo poo!” She tugged on her diaper as if it was sandpaper on her butt. So I took off her diaper and sure enough later she pooped…on the floor. I was excited that she was giving me signals and that soon she might be ready to potty train. Well each day that she announced her poo poo, I would take off her diaper and each time the actual poo poo came later and later. A week went by and it took her a full day from saying poo poo to actually pooing. But NEVER had she actually pooped on her toilet. BUMMER! I stopped.


My Christmas gift to myself is to have Evee potty trained and have NO CHILDREN in diapers. Wouldn’t that be amazing. Seriously I have been dealing with diapers constantly for the last 8 1/2 years. That is way too long. And I know there are many people out there that have gone longer…but DANGIT I need a break from pee & poo!

Wel October was too busy a month with parties, school events and Halloween. I just couldn’t follow Evee around with her potty chair waiting for her to poop. So I pushed it off till November and promised myself that THIS would be the month. The month started faster than expected and I didn’t think twice about STARTING potty training. In fact I didn’t want to start at all, she just wasn’t grasping it…besides the fact that she didn’t want to poo poo in her diaper. I think its mostly because of the cloth diapers – another BONUS to cloth diapering.

Yesterday she announced again her poo poo, I ignored her. So just my luck that she pooped in her diaper just moments after announcing it. SO maybe this is the day/week/month to potty train.

TODAY – Day 1 of potty training. The morning was too busy to train, but lunch time we STARTED. The diaper came off after her announcing. I took her to the potty chair, IKEA potty chair is my favorite, and no result. Oh well. Then I did the unmentionable. I put her to nap without a diaper. I know…what was I thinking. Am I just asking for poop smeared all over the walls?!!! I’m crazy. BUT I think it might work.
30 minutes later I hear her cry and I rush to the bedroom. She was still clean and asking to go poo poo (which I think means pee & poo), so I took her. Sat her down…………………………………………………….
AND BOOM, she peed!!!
I praised Evee for her accomplishment and gave her a treat – an essential part of potty training.
I sat her down again…..she peed MORE! Again I praised her and gave her a treat.

I hope the rest of the day will continue with great results. I will continue to post on my goal & how well it goes. Fingers crossed till Christmas!


  1. lori

    I can't believe you're already doing this! I mean isn't Evee just a few months older than Braddock!? Yikes…..this means maybe I should start soon! I hadn't even thought about it yet. I do hear that boys are harder to train than girls. Hmmm…'ve got me thinking now : )

  2. Maverick and Aissa Mitton

    I will be following your progress with this one. I was going to start potty traning last monday but we didnt have a stool or underwears so i guess im putting it off. But i WILL soon so it will be nice to be inspired by an expert.


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