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Poop in the Potty

Nov 14, 2011 | Family Life | 1 comment

Oh how the excitement of starting potty training has left me. Now I am in the midst of pee & poop accidents ALL over my house. BEWARE if you come and visit.

Day 2 & 3 were a constant ME following Evee around trying to get her to pee or poop in the potty. Yesterday Day 3 was a better day for potty training and I think that is MOSTLY because I was home and it was Sunday so I wasn’t rushed to do anything or BE anywhere. Today started out cleaning up one mess after another. Since she was holding her poo Saturday and then Sunday it finally came out, I think today is the after flush of holding. NOW EVERYTHING is coming out and often. I just need to be ON the ball and following her around.

Here are the techniques I am using right now. If you have any ideas, I could definitely use some tips. I may have done this 4 times already, but each kid is different.

This technique I have used for all my children. We let them run naked through the house and point out when they go pee & poo, then pick them up quickly and take them to the toilet seat. Depending upon age of the child and how READY they truly are, this helps the potty training idea CLICK. Sometimes children don’t care that they pee on the floor, most of the time they are alarmed that they just made a wet mess on the floor.

15-20 minute TIMER rule
With so much going on in the day & so many children I have to have a TIMER that beeps every 15-20 minutes and I either ASK the child to go pee or I take the child pee & then sit with them in the bathroom and chat while they are on the toilet. Hopefully a few times in the day something will make it into the potty….in the BEGINNING it only happens on the floor.

Sometimes while I chat with Evee, trying to get her to relax and stay longer on the toilet, I sing the POOP in the potty song! The lyrics are HILARIOUS! Sometimes I make up my own lyrics too.
Watch below….

Napping without a diaper

I continued to put her to nap WITHOUT a diaper….the first day was successful, but each time after that she whizzed in the bed. SO after 4 loads of laundry I have STOPPED that theory. Although on Day 3 (yesterday, Sunday) of potty training she had been holding her poop in and so at nap time I knew she wouldn’t pee and I could listen close to her bedroom to see if she stirred then QUICKLY grab her and plop her on the toilet. Well just at that particular time I was commited to do neighborhood watch so I put Evee down for nap & left Jase in charge of listening. When I came back Jase had ANNOUNCED Evee’s triumph on the toilet. GOOD FOR HER! She pooped!  So now my idea is IF I can be VERY close to her bedroom to hear her stir then I can catch her before she has an accident. AT this age or a little older kids generally DON’T pee during naps, they go right when they are starting to wake up. 

I’m still pretty pumped to give myself a Christmas gift of no kids in diapers…so My spirits are still high for potty training, I hope this week is BETTER!

1 Comment

  1. Love is all you need

    Oh gosh hard times! I did a prize bucket from the dollar store, but instead of rewarding Eli for actually going on the toilet, I rewarded him when he was dry. I would ask every 15 minutes "are you dry" and if he said yes we would make a huge deal and give him a prize. It worked awesome! And for naps and night time we got pull ups and called them his sleeping undies 🙂 Good luck my friend!


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