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New Year’s Eve Events 

I realize this is OLD news…but I am trying to write these things down for Journaling purposes!

Since Hawaii is a bum state and won’t let you set off fireworks without a permit….we couldn’t do much. But seriously….real thoughts on that. FOR being a VERY WET state…WHY are we not allowed to set off regular fireworks like Ground Bloomers, Sparklers, or those dinky loud thingies..?! I really don’t get it. ABSOLUTELY STUPID!

Ok, I’m done. ANYWAYS….we found a box of old fireworks, small ground dinky ones, that we decided to light up.

We couldn’t be criminals alone so we invited some friends to share in the risk with us! Of course their entry fee was some seriously good munchies! I really think New Year’s has got to be one of my favorite FOOD holidays! No really…it is: 7 layer dip, bubbly with Marischino Cherries, sushi, summer rolls, Chocolate, Veggies and dip, Cheeseball and crackers, and SO MUCH MORE!

Friends brought over Poppers that the kids love to throw on the ground…..or at your head?! We had so much Poppers that it was like WW3 only with little ammo and TONS Of midgets running around screaming! The joys.

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