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Wyatt Graduates from Happy School 

This school year we put together another Happy School. Wyatt, Carston
Castle, Maren Gubler & Kolea Hitz. It was a fun little group of
kids with very different personalities! We went with a Nursery Rhyme
theme this year because they all were only 3. We focused on learning the
rhymes but also learning colors and shapes.  Wyatt had a lot of fun! I always love doing Happy School, this is truly a REALLY enjoyable age to teach. They are so eager to learn and have fun and they light up with each new lesson. Here is some of Wyatt’s work! 
PhotobucketWyatt’s Happy school friends at his Graduation. We had the families come and we sang some of the songs they learned and then they got grad caps and a diploma and we made a photobook of their work and some of the pictures that we took while teaching them! 


My big man is so HAPPY, he is an awesome kid! 

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