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Mar 17, 2012 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

      Oh the party was a success. Lots of fun friends attended and there was plenty of giggles and stories shared. I think everyone enjoyed the swinging ring game the MOST! (aka finding out how many boys/girls you’ll have as it swings over your wrist) It was almost creepily correct on MOSTLY everybody. The party was decorated so perfectly….ALL my favorite cravings were there: cadbury mini eggs, starburst jelly beans, ding dongs, apples and dip and more. Many others brought YUMMY desserts and dishes. Jackie also made the BEST Mojitos and Frozen Hot chocolate DRINKS! She is simply the most fabulous HOST!
       Well besides just chatting along and loving the company……Of course we were all dying to find out what it was. And so This is how it went down….

      Now all we have to do is FINALIZE a name! Weirdly we always have a name picked out right when or before we get pregnant….so not knowing a name right now is driving me nuts. We have a few ideas…but until we are FOR SURE, I don’t think I’ll cyber announce it yet.  

So for now Baby #6, GIRL will be coming to a Bennett Family near you…JULY 2012!

1 Comment

  1. Natalie.

    You forgot to mention in this post that there was a BIG DARK CLOUD hanging over the entire evening in that I WAS NOT PRESENT.


    And, DUH, you're naming the baby Natalie oooooor you could get really crazy and name her Richie. . . or Natchie or Richalie. . . see where I'm going with this??

    If you promise to name her Richie, I promise to name my daughter Jase. Deal? You go first. 😉


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