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Mar 30, 2012 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

So my kids fight quite often. I have tried many consequences; time-out, bathroom seclusion to work it out, extra chores, etc. Nothing seems to stick. And I’m not talking about the 2 year old that hits out of frustration and lack of understanding, I’m talking about my girls 6 & 8 that will fight verbally then it escalates to a hit or kick. So….after a long discussion with a friend she told me about what her dad used to do when she was young.

 I have implemented this plan….and so far it WORKS!

Kids that cause Bodily Harm: $1 – biting, hitting, pinching, kicking, etc. 
Spitting: $.25
Name Calling: $.10


So you are probably asking what about kids that don’t have money. 
Well they put an I.O.U. in the jar and then when I need an extra job done….or something DISGUSTING like picking up poop, I call on them. I give them money that they earn and then they have to pay the I.O.U.

This only work with kids that have some concept of money.

Shae, Rykel and Klai REALLY understand and have improved greatly. Wyatt if he fights, kicks, hits, or whatever will just get normal time-out/calm down time in his room….which is quite effective for him. And this way I don’t get angry because they are fighting, I get paid and YES I gloat about the ice cream I get to eat….and sometimes if some child hasn’t put money in the jar in sometime I will share my ice cream with them.

Life in the Bennett House is a BIT more peaceful!


  1. Janice

    Love this! I can't wait til my kids start fighting!! Hehe!

  2. Janice

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Bridget

    So funny and awesome! Pinned this for when the boys are a little older.


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