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Potty Training

Apr 28, 2012 | Family Life | 1 comment

(SO FYI I had this Big Ole post about Potty Training, it didn’t save and published it blank! POO on blogger!)

ANYWAYS! Months ago we started Potty Training, because she kept telling us Poo Poo. We pulled out the potty chair and plopped her on top and waited and waited. She would NOT GO on the potty chair. She actually would hold it in and then a minute or so after getting off of the potty chair she would have an accident on the floor. We kept this up for a week, being frustrated with NO progress we decided to take a break.

NOW months later she has been giving us the same signals, taking off her diaper and telling us POO POO! So we tried AGAIN this time and instead of using the potty chair I plopped her RIGHT ON the BIG TOILET and she WENT!! WAHOO!! progress…finally. So we began the process that we have used in the past.

I have done this process since Klai was almost 2 and for the most part it works!

STEP #1: Nakedness & Rewards
I try to plan a week that I won’t have to go ANYWHERE and we focus on the child. Absolutely NO clothes, the baby runs around NAKED!  Nakedness helps to identify when the child goes Pee or Poo, and they will notice when it happens also. We draw attention to the accident and run them to the bathroom. When they DO go on the toilet and Pee or Poo REWARDS are the KEY! It can be Praise, treats, favorite snack, sticker charts, whatever motivates your child.

STEP #2: Often & Liquids
We ask them often IF they need to go Pee or Poo, and/or we take them straight to the toilet. We give them tons and tons of liquids; juice, milk, WHATEVER to make them HAVE to go to the toilet. This helps it also, so your child won’t become constipated.

STEP #3: Progress & Loose Clothes
Usually after a week or so of steps #1 & 2, the child will make progress. If the child hasn’t had very many accidents out of the bathroom, then that is FABULOUS PROGRESS! So we add loose clothes to the child; shorts, dress, etc. Loose clothes that are NOT form fitting like a diaper are BEST. AGAIN we remind them often to NOT PEE or POO in the clothes. The first day or so there is often a few accidents till they understand that you DON’T PEE in the clothes. Continue with Step #2 of ASKING & TAKING OFTEN & lots of liquids.

Depending upon the child Step #3 – Step #4 may take anywhere from a week to a few months. My BOYS didn’t mind being dirty and would PEE in their pants and not care to tell me. Where as some of my GIRLS didn’t like being dirty and disliked the uncomfortable feeling of wet clothes on their skin. EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT!

STEP #4: Fitted Clothes & NAPS
Again after you see PROGRESS with Step #3 then you can move on to adding fitted clothes. This may need MORE reminding that we don’t pee in the clothing and FREQUENT TOILET TRIPS. You will most likely see accidents with this step, but consistency using rewards & frequent trips and HAPPY reminders is what will keep You SANE!

*NAP times and BEDTIMES is all up to the parent. I find that I have had some DEEP sleepers and they didn’t have the sleeping potty trained for quite some time AFTER the daytimes were conquered. Where as I did have 2 children that potty trained ALL daytime, naps & bedtimes at the same time. AGAIN…EACH CHILD IS DIFFERENT! 

So I decided that Miss Evee was a clean child and she understood about naps. So at Nap time I remind her NOT TO PEE in her shorts/skirt and she says “O.K.” BUT right when she wakes up from naps I RUN and get her, because SHE WILL PEE in the first few minutes after waking up….and this is the same for MORNINGS. We have an accident during sleep times every other day, BUT she is doing GREAT during the day times. Overall I’d say that Miss Evee is 90% potty trained, I remind her often and have to help her pull up and down her bottoms but she does great to tell me if she has to go.  
YEAH for NO DIAPERS…..till June/July! 

1 Comment

  1. Janice

    Awesome! Hehe. I pretty much followed the same guidlines with Reyna. I think I'll wait on the night time potty training though. Question is, how do you get em to go in public? Although you probably don't have that problem since Evee goes on the big toilet?


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