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Falls Harvest DIYs! Spiced pear jam, dried apples and Homemade Grape Juice 

Being a frugal person, I am always on the hunt for cheaper foods, preserving foods or making new recipes.
After making some new friends they gave me some valuable information on an orchard/farm that sells 2nds for a significantly cheaper rate. So I bought many bushels of: Red Pears, Anjou Pears, Honeycrisp apples, Gala apples, nectarines, peaches, etc. (over the course of a couple of weeks I purchased that much. I don’t like to get too much at one time that I can’t process & preserve before they go bad.)
Its sweet and I like to use it like a dessert, or a sweet snack spread on a tortilla.
Here is a lovely Spiced caramel Pear Jam recipe:
8 C chopped pears
4 C sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cloves
1) Boil & stir
2) lower heat, stir frequently for an hour
3) skim off foam
4) Pour immediately into sterilized jars
5) water bath 10 – 30 min depending upon elevation

Having family & friends with fruit trees or every produce is always a bonus. Grandma & Grandpa have a bunch of fruit trees that we love to go and pick from. They have the yummiest golden delicious apples, that make the best dried apple slices.

Drying apples:
1) rinse apples
2) Core & peal
3) set apples in a citric acid water bath till ready to fill the dehydrator
4) Dehydrate overnight = CRISP apples are ready in morning

Canning homemade Grape Juice
#1) Once picked we rinsed & de-vined the grapes.
I borrowed a steamer pot: it is a pot inside a bigger pot with a spout tube, all sitting on another short pot where you put water to steam the fruit in the top pot.
#2) Put devined grapes inside the steam pot. Fill bottom with water & let the steamer do its magic.
#3) Once the grapes start to juice the spout tube will fill up, have sterilized quart jars ready to fill up.
Fill Quarts, top with sterilized lids & rings.
#4) Water Bath can for 20-30 minutes depending upon elevation.
$5) Pull quarts out and let cool on counter, while lids pop & seal.



BOOM! Lots and lots of yummy grape juice.
TO SERVE: Pour concentrated juice into pitcher, add 1 quart of water & 3/4-1 Cup of sugar.
(I add a little bit more water to help it go a little farther….its THAT GOOD!)


almost 100 lbs of grapes + 3 days of devining and steam juicing = 39 quarts of the best juice on earth!


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