Wreck-It Ralph in the Halloween House!

I am amazed how everyone REALLY jumped in on this ban wagon for Halloween Costumes. We chose an awesome theme: Wreck-it Ralph! 
For most of the clothes and accessories we found them at DI (thrift shop), which I was thrilled about. Some of the clothes were higher priced there than I would normally pay...because I'm a yard saler, but you gotta do what you gotta do! 

Wyatt of course was Wreck-it Ralph, Of course! 
His costume was the cheapest because I didn't get the hands. $4 for clothes

Shae's character: Fix It Felix Jr. 

Costume Cost: $2 for hammer, hat, belt & holder + $2 for his shirt = $4 Total

Assembly: Hammer spray painted gold. Hat had another logo, but with some felt & hot glue its the perfect Fix-It Felix Hat! Clothes were simple to find.
He's got that honey glow somethin awful!

Evee made an awesome Candlehead! 
She kept changing her mind on which racer she wanted to be. But when she found out that she could have a cupcake on her hat...then she was sold!
Costume cost: $1 - hat, $1 - green hair, $5 - clothes = $7 total
Assembly: The hat came from the dollar store, I spray painted it with a mat white paint, then painted craft paint on it. Luckily I had a random plastic toy cupcake that I cut and added a candle with hot glue. Wig was more difficult, we found that at the dollar store. We cut the length down and used the cut part to make bangs. You can make anything with HOT GLUE!


Klai made a perfect Venelope!
Her costume was the quite easy compared to everyone else.

Costume Cost: $5 - jacket, $1 - Paint, $2 - skirt = $8 total

Assembly: Clothes were really key in all the costumes. Her leggings I got free from someone, I used scotch tape to tape them off and painted them. Craft paint made the leggings stiff...but oh well! Hoody from DI also, added some yard. Twizzler hair twisty is made out of red fabric and pipe cleaners.

I couldn't resist being Sargent Calhoun!
And I even had a blond wig in dressup, that I cut into an OK style to match. With a bunch of cardboard & spray paint, the costume was complete. 

Costume Cost: $2 - black clothes, $1 - spray paint = $3 total.

Assembly: My costume probably took the most work...maybe tied with Zangief. The cardboard cutting, taping, spraying and stapling took a full day...off & on. But it was fun! 

It was a Great Halloween This year! 
Happy Wreck-it Ralph-OWEEN! bahahahahha
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    3 comments on “Wreck-It Ralph in the Halloween House!”

    1. Oh. My. Gosh. Thanks for the DIY explanations! I actually did wonder how much you spent this year! Good job, Rach!

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