Thanksgiving weekend

Being Thankful is something we always try to work on, especially during the month of November. And the kids love to do the Thankful tree. Everyone enjoys writing what they are thankful on a leaf and we stick it on the tree. Such a great tradition. 

We got this awesome opportunity to stay in a family friends house in St. George for Thanksgiving weekend. It was only supposed to be for one night due to Jase having to work another show somewhere. But it started out fabulously, another road trip & LOTS of fun exploring the St. George terrain.

And then it was no good when Rykel fell on the rocks and cut her foot.....not too bad though. I think she was more upset that she couldn't go outside and play anymore. 

 The next morning, Thanksgiving, was quite relaxing. We hung out with the Lymans and I slowly made rolls and we slowly cleaned up. It was probably the most relaxing Thanksgiving we've ever had. I made a few snacks before coming and we snacked all morning. 
We then headed to the Lymans grandparents house to eat a formal Thanksgiving dinner! 

I have never seen a more beautifully set table with nice china and everything. 
Filled with the people I love! 

 Erik's bro-in-law and his fam the Walkingshaws. Plus there was many many many more cousins on the Lyman side to enjoy this beautiful and yummy meal. 

 We all loved it, especially Evee...there was so many new friends. 

It started with a welcome speech from Grandpa Lyman. Then a poem was read by the Walkingshaw boys and then prayer. 
After eating we all did a few tricks. 

Making room for the most important part...PIE! There was so many yummy pies.

 Klai & Thalyn found a permanent spot to hang the PIES! Cora loved the pie location also convincing Shanda to take her there and feed her many goodies! 
Day after Thanksgiving was a bust on the shopping idea, but that didn't mean we couldn't explore St. George! So we did! 
 We hiked around the Narrows...but didn't go in. We liked to climb on top and enjoy the wonder and beauty up there. 
 The view was spectacular! 

The kids loved just being able to run around and not FREEZE! But the best part was being with Family! 

The drive home was fun, I think they were pumped knowing that we were going to see "Frozen" with the Olsen cousins. 

Dillan and Wyatt

Evee, Shae & Rykel getting pumped up to see the movie! 

Sadly Jase had to work this day, but we had lots of fun going to the movie together and then picking Daddy up after work. He works so hard to provide for us. He's amazing! We are THANKFUL for this happy weekend and this opportunity to be a family and have a little family adventure.

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